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Things We Saw Today: Mythbusting Time Lord

Things We Saw Today

And that is MythbustersGrant Imahara as the 10th Doctor. Be still my heart, if that can happen. He probably knows. (at Lyn’s Scrap of Nowhere)

  • You know, for a while, it was looking really good for female writers, what with the lady-filled comedy lineup set for NBC this fall, among other networks. But what’s really going on is kind of disturbing: the number of women on writing staffs is shrinking. (at AV Club)
  • Maybe Dean can explain to the Giant that Optimus is art, not scrap. (by Marco D’Alfonso, via Diary of a Death Starlette)

    For when you just want to be a big, fat liar to someone: “The Cake Is a Lie” gift set by Etsy user Egyptianruin. (via So Geek Chic)

  • Too many geeky elements that could not be ignored: Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall has joined the Broadway cast of the new musical based on Tim Burton‘s Big Fish, which starred Ewan McGregor. He will be playing Edward Bloom, who filled his son’s head with wonderful tales that kind of made him completely resent his father until the day the elder died. The part in the musical was originally written for Hugh Jackman, but now he’s going to be doing the Wolverine sequel and the movie adaptation of Les Miserables (Jean Valjean!!!!!!!). (at Deadline)
  • If you were hoping to be Codex from Felicia Day‘s The Guild for Halloween (or whenevs, really), you totally can now! Ginger hair not included. (at

    Reports say that Eric Wallace‘s Mr. Terrific title in the DCnU will feature Karen Starr (sometimes known as Power Girl) in a small role. It isn’t known if she will actually be Power Girl, but you can read the interview with Wallace at Newsarama.

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