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Felicia Day Launches Geek & Sundry Nerd Network!

Good News Everyone!

You guys! Felicia Day made a channel just for us – geeks! After much teasing, it officially launched today. Hit the jump to find out what Geek & Sundry is all about! 

Geek & Sundry is an all-new YouTube channel from the mind of Day. Think of it as a regular television network, only devoted to geek stuff. It’s perhaps not something that would be picked up as a cable network (yet) but works perfectly online.

Day spoke with USA Today about the big launch. “The channel is about people sharing their passions for things and learning from each other and growing because they found somebody who loves something just as much as they did,” she told them.

Geek & Sundry has a unique line-up of series. There’s of course Day’s own The Guild, which is returning for it’s fifth season, Tabletop hosted by Wil Wheaton and a rotating list of guest-stars playing board games or RPGs, Sword & Laser, a show where Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt discuss sci-fi and fantasy literature, and a regular series featuring Dark Horse motion comics.

Day will also add her own weekly video-blogging show The Flog and two other originalseries will premiere later in the year. “Starting July 18, Written by a Kid showcases children reading stories set to short films by various directors on Wednesdays, and nerdtastic duo Paul & Storm debut their musical series Learning Town in the fall. (Expect hipsters, ghosts and puppets, among other things.)”

Check out a preview of all the shows in the official Geek & Sundry trailer.

Keeping the new channel secret from her massive following was certainly a challenge for the actress. “Finding interesting things to say that didn’t spoil anything we were working on and working on the shows 18 hours a day was kind of a challenge,” she said. “I had to cover my tracks really well, like a detective novel.”

Aside from Geek & Sundry and all her other regular activities, Day has recently launched the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout with Belmont, Kiala Kazebee, and Bonnie Burton. It’s their online book club that meets monthly which you can either watch live the day they record, or watch an edited version of after the fact. And people think I’m busy!

“I didn’t want to make mini-TV; I wanted to make web video that really is a vehicle for community building and for people taking something out of each of the shows and incorporating in their own life,” Day told The Hollywood Reporter. “Every single show has that in mind: that you don’t just passively consume it. You are participating around the video with the community and in your own life.”

If you want to find out more you can check out the official Geek & Sundry website, their twitter, facebook, or tumblr. And of course, the YouTube channel itself.

(via USA Today)

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