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Presidential Flip Flops: For the President Who Has Everything (Except Integrity)

Presenting the most genius thing to happen in footwear since clear platform shoes with goldfish in them. (Actually, those weren't genius. I hear that when the fish died, there was no way to get them out. Scratch that.)

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John Oliver Explains Why We Should All Be Worried About the Recent U.S. Airstrike Against Syria

You can always count on John Oliver's Last Week Tonight to provide a thoughtful breakdown of any particular week's goings-on, and last week was no different, with the biggest story, of course, being Trump authorizing an air strike against a military target in Syria in response to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons against his own people. Check out Part One of the segment above, and Part Two below.

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Things We Saw Today: ATL’s Zazie Beetz Cast as Domino in Deadpool Sequel

It appears that Atlanta star Zazie Beetz has been cast as Domino in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

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Feminism Around the World: Countries the U.S. Lags Behind Regarding Transgender Rights

For this week's Feminism Around the World, I thought I'd focus on the countries doing trans rights right (or at least much more right than we seem to be doing!) in the hopes of perhaps encouraging activism toward these ends.

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Things We Saw Today: Riz Ahmed and Ryan Kohn’s Campaign for Syria Raises Over 100K

Riz Ahmed set a goal to start 2017 with support for Syria through the Karam Foundation and yesterday the actor posted a celebratory post that their efforts have raised over $100,000.

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Trump to Sign Executive Actions Against Refugees, As We Observe Holocaust Remembrance Day…and the Refugees We Turned Away

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, when the world remembers the Jews (and other marginalized people) who were murdered in German concentration camps. Back then, before the U.S. finally got involved in WWII, it turned away thousands of Jewish refugees who subsequently were sent back to Germany to die. Today, President Trump is signing three executive actions against refugees.

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Feminism Around the World: “Madaya Mom” Speaks For Syria Through Marvel Comics, and Poland’s #CzarnyProtest Makes Progress

This week, I came across two fascinating stories equally deserving of coverage for different reasons. So, rather than my usual "main story on top, links to other stories below" format today, I'm only covering two stories. One out of Syria, the other out of Poland — both extraordinary stories of women fighting to stay alive and bring about change where they live.

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Cut Video’s “100 Years of Beauty” Series Explores Syria’s Rich and Diverse History

In Cut Video's latest in their 100 Years of Beauty series, they look at the fashion history of Syria, a country that has seen a huge amount of change in the past 100 years. Check out the video after the jump!

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Malala Yousafzai Speaks Out About the Importance of Educating Syrian Refugee Girls

Yesterday, Malala Yousafzai spoke to world leaders encouraging them to pledge $1.4 billion this year to help educate Syrian refugee children, highlighting the fact that the 700,000 refugee children currently living in camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and other neighboring countries are out of school. This is of particular importance for Syrian girls, who are often seen as financial burdens to their families, and so are married off at 12 or 13.

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Things We Saw Today: Bzuhzzzzzzzuhzzzzzuhzzzz

How do you spell the sound a lightsaber makes? A linguist weighs in over on Huffington Post.

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Banksy Takes on Syrian Refugee Crisis With New Piece Featuring Steve Jobs

Banksy's at it again, and this time he's got something to say about the Syrian refugee crisis currently occupying the world's consciousness. His latest project brings him to the Calais refugee camp outside of France.

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Chip Zdarsky Auctioning off SUPER RARE Star Wars Variant to Raise Money for Syrian Refugee Family


If you're looking for some way to make the world marginally less terrible today, Chip Zdarsky is currently auctioning off some Sex Criminals and Star Wars swag to raise money for Raja Syria, a Canada Cares group aiming to help a Syrian family of seven relocate to Toronto.

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Four Tricks For Navigating Your Conservative Family’s Opinions This Thanksgiving

Raise your hand if you've got a few relatives who make you cringe. Does your Thanksgiving table include a Trump supporter or two? Perhaps a racist uncle who thinks Syrian refugees seem "suspicious"? Here's some advice on how to keep your cool.

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Women Who Escaped ISIS Tell Their Stories of Collaboration, Anguish, and their Old Lives in Syria

Sometimes, women have to do things they never thought they would in order to navigate and survive the misogynistic societies in which they live. The New York Times today has a stunning profile of three Muslim women from Syria, each formerly a member of ISIS' all-female Khansaa Brigade, the morality police.

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Benedict Cumberbatch to a UK Government Not Doing Enough For Syrian Refugees: “F**k the Politicians!”

Benedict Cumberbatch s a vocal campaigner for the Syrian refugee crisis, and during his current run as the lead in Hamlet, he's been doing a nightly collection for Save the Children to try and help the children suffering as they flee their war-torn home. However, after Tuesday night's performance, Cumberbatch showed that there are some problems that are so big and so deserving of attention that even a typically unflappable British actor has permission to lose his cool.

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Dismaland Closes Its Gates, Sends Its Timber & Fixtures to Refugee Camps in Calais

Although I've seen a lot of mockery of the Dismaland art installation online, file me in the uncool camp of folks who thought much of its art was ... pretty cool—and I also think the creators' intent to donate all of the project's timber and fixtures to refugee camps near Calais sounds neat, too.

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Kenneth Cole Trolls Twitter, and My Kenneth Cole Laptop Bag Sucks

More like Kenneth Trole, amiright?

Exemplifying classic Troll behavior, Kenneth Cole has tweeted a grossly insensitive thing on Twitter to try to profit from the conflict in Syria. Gross! Even though this is transparent trolling, it's still gross. That's how gross it is. This isn't how you sell things, jerk.

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John McCain Caught Playing Poker on His Phone During Syria Hearing, Doesn’t Care He Got Caught

At least we don't have to listen to story of the hand he went out on.

A Washington Post photographer spotted Senator John McCain (R-AZ) playing poker on his iPhone during Tuesday's hearings on the situation in Syria, and he seems totally unremorseful about it saying the worst thing is that he lost the game.

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Syrian Electronic Army Claims Control of Twitter’s Domain

At least they ended it with a smiley face.

The Syrian Electronic Army announced in a tweet (appropriately) that they own, and included picture of what appears to be a report from that lists SEA as the owners of the site. Though when we ran a report, we got a different result.

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Syrian President Now on Instagram, Because Sure, Why Not

I need help reacting to something.

What do you do when you're a leader who wants to communicate to the world that you're a hip, in-touch dictator? Get on Instagram, naturally. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is showing off his #yoloswag with photos of himself doing cool things like shaking hands, greeting crowds, visiting the sick, and most certainly not waging a bloody civil war.

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