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Spotify Boots Racist Hate Bands, Making Me Glad I Don’t Have to Switch Music Streaming Services

The beautiful thing about free speech is that everybody gets it, and no individual or private company owes anyone a platform. Spotify is the latest company that is exercising its free speech by not giving the hate music of white supremacy a safe haven.

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Bruno Mars Tears the Roof Off of the Grammys With a Stellar Prince Tribute

Last night, Bruno Mars played alongside Morris Day and the Time in a massive tribute to Prince.

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Tinder & Spotify Join Forces to Help You Meet Your Music-Loving Match. But Would That Even Work?

Two very different smartphone apps—Tinder and Spotify—have decided to work together to help you find a date who shares your musical taste.

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Pokémon Music Streaming Has Tripled on Spotify Because Everything Is Now Pokémon GO

Your music. Your grocery store. Your house. Your job. Everything.

Sure, you can listen to the in-game music will playing Pokémon GO, but what if you want your Pokémon experience to be the very best, like no other ever was? You could try streaming some Pokémon music on Spotify (if you don't already own it all and have it all on your phone already for some reason), which has caused Spotify's Pokémon music numbers to skyrocket.

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Apple Ignores the Real Issue in Response to Spotify Complaints About App Store Rejection

TL;DR: I know you are, but what am I?

Apple's come under plenty of fire for how thoroughly they police the App Store, especially when it comes to Android users' vocal preference for that platform's significantly more open App marketplace. (How else are we supposed to play our emulated SNES and GameBoy games, Apple!?) Now, Spotify has accused them of blocking an update to the Spotify app in an effort to hurt competition, but Apple's not having that excuse.

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Soundcloud’s New Subscription Service Hopes to Rival Spotify

Reports of Soundcloud's death have been greatly exaggerated. Remember two months ago when everybody lamented Soundcloud's financial losses? Here's their latest idea: Soundcloud Go, a paid subscription service.

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Spotify Rolling Out Video Service to Android Users This Week

I don't even remember the last time I listened to the radio. That's because, whenever I need music, Spotify is there for me. For a mere ten bucks for their no-ads Premium Service, I can stream all the music I want (well, almost all - damn you Taylor Swift and Prince!) Well now, Spotify is offering even more by providing a video service as well!

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Spoiler-Free Goodness: You Can Stream the Force Awakens Soundtrack on Spotify

Hey friends, here's a Star Wars post that's also spoiler-free: you can now listen to the Force Awakens soundtrack on Spotify!

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Things We Saw Today: Michael B. Jordan Is Co-Writing a Comic!

Michael B. Jordan is teaming up with writer Nathan Edmondson on North, an "action spy comic."

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Here’s Astronaut Scott Kelly’s Space Station Playlist. What Would Yours Be?

Like a science-themed version of the hypothetical "desert island playlist."

Astronaut Scott Kelly, who broke the record for being the US citizen who's spent the most time in space, recently shared the music playlist that he listens to as a method for keeping himself company out there in the black. Kelly spoke to Spotify, where his playlist is hosted, to share his thoughts on how the songs helped him keep his wits about him.

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TIFF 2015: A Playlist of 15 Memorable Movie Tunes

Featuring Festival tracks from Bowie to Blur to Bruce ...

Join us as we take a trip back over the past ten days of TIFF 2015 with some favo rite tunes and tracks from the movies that impressed us.

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Spotify’s “Found Them First” App Allows You to Reach Peak Hipster

But you already used it and will stop now that everyone found it.

Spotify sure has their hardcore music fans pegged; they've debuted a new app that automates the process of making sure you were into a band before everyone else and thus assuring that all the money you've spent on bowties, skinny jeans, and old-timey home decor was not a waste.

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Spotify Wants More Women in STEM, Organized a “Diversify” Coding Event With 50% Female Participants

This makes us happy-ify!

Truly committing to changing the demographics of tech is a daunting task--but it seems like Spotify might actually be up to the challenge.

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Record Label Sues Spotify Because People Can Make Playlists

It's the latest in frivolous lawsuit technology.

Record label Ministry of Sound is suing music service Spotify because its users can create playlists that mimic MoS's compilation albums and share those playlists with friends. Lest you think the United States has a monopoly on dumb lawsuits, this is all happening in the U.K.

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Angered by Low Payment for New Artists, Thom Yorke Pulls Music From Spotify

When it comes to distributing pop music online, Thom York is actually something of an authority on the matter.

Thom Yorke took to Twitter over the weekend to harangue music-streaming service Spotify over the low rates it pays musicians for the rights to stream their music. The Radiohead frontman -- who knows a thing or two about successful digital music distribution -- is responding to the low rates, which amount to fractions of a cent every time a song is played, by taking his ball and going home, removing his songs from the service. That means fans will not longer be able to listen to Yorke collaboration Atoms for Peace or his solo album The Eraser on Spotify.

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Twitter Launches Music Service That Sort of Works, Ignores Android Completely

Twitter launched it's recently rumored music service today! Twitter #Music was announced this morning on Good Morning America, and comes in the form of an iOS app and web service. Notably absent is an Android version of Twitter #Music, so I'll focus on the web service which at the moment seems buggy and not fully formed.

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You Can Listen to All the Grand Theft Auto Radio Stations on Spotify and iTunes

With the anticipation and excitement for Grand Theft Auto V reaching new levels daily, it's a wonder that it took this long, but it's finally happened: Rockstar's released playlists of all the Grand Theft Auto radio stations on Spotify and iTunes, starting with Grand Theft Auto III and even including handheld games like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

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Spotify Reportedly Set to Launch Video Service With Original Content

Spotify has all but eliminated my need to ever buy music. For a few bucks a month I can queue up practically any song I can think of and rock out. Now they supposedly want to bring that same level of convenience to video. Reports say Spotify is going to launch a video streaming service like Netflix that will offer original content -- also like Netflix. That's all well and good, but I already have Netflix.

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Finnish Police Take Winnie the Pooh Laptop From Nine-Year-Old Accused of Piracy

Seriously, Finland? We understand that Internet piracy is a problem, but this is just too much. Police raided the home of a nine-year-old girl and confiscated her laptop -- her Winnie the Pooh laptop -- because she was accused of downloading one song off The Pirate Bay. That really happened. We all live in this world now.

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Xbox Music Service Pricing Leaks, Similar But Worse Than Spotify

Microsoft apparently didn't learn too terribly much from the whole Zune fiasco, as the leaked pricing plans for their Xbox Music service aren't exactly competitive. It looks like a month of the unreleased service will cost a cool $9.99 in the United States, with a slight discount if users purchase a year worth. That's the same amount one might pay to Spotify for a Premium membership, which is honestly a better deal. Maybe they just think Xbox 360 users aren't aware of this fact?

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