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When Does Spotify Stop Tracking For Wrapped 2023?

The best part about using Spotify is understanding what songs and music genres you frequent the most. That’s why everyone loves Spotify Wrapped, which highlights and summarizes your yearly listening habits.

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Let’s face it—everyone has at least one song they can play more than 20 times a day on a loop. Nobody will judge you if you’ve streamed Ed Sheeran or BTS for over 5000 hours. Maybe you’re a genre hopper instead, and Spotify just can’t pin down what you like listening to. Or, perhaps you’re part of that elusive 10% who listen to music that nobody else in your region does.

Conversely, you might not care much about Spotify Wrapped or even have enough registered streams. That’s fine, too. But if you do care, how do you know when Spotify stops registering what you’re listening to? How do you know what will be part of your annual personalized Spotify Wrapped summary?

Many speculate that the cutoff for tracking streams is on Halloween, October 31, every year. Spotify once confirmed this, but there appears to have been a change this year. One X (formerly Twitter) user noted that Spotify would stop tracking on November 15, as stated on the Spotify for Artists homepage.

However, at the time of writing, that same page now lists November 17 as the completion date. It seems unlikely this will still change.

If the group you’re stanning drops a new single or album after November 17, or if your favorite artist decides to surprise you with some festive tracks, those streams will not be registered for your Spotify Wrapped this year. If you’ve recently discovered a genre you’ve never had the pleasure of indulging in before, your listening sessions won’t show up in your Spotify Wrapped until next year.

For anybody hosting holiday parties as the honorary DJ, this isn’t such bad news—especially if Christmas songs aren’t your jam. It’d be haunting to have Mariah Carey dominate your charts just because other people couldn’t get enough of her.

Regardless of who or what shows up in your Spotify Wrapped 2023 summary, you’ve probably made your favorite artists proud by listening to them so frequently throughout the year.

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