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Box of “40 to 60” Human Heads Found in Southwest Airlines Shipment

A Southwest Airlines employee recently alerted authorities after discovering “40 to 60” human heads in a box bound for shipment to Fort Worth, which was not labeled to describe the fact that it had 40 to 60 human heads inside it.

It’s not quite as horrifying as it sounds — the attendant’s fear wasn’t that the heads were put there by a stabby serial killer, but that they were merely being run in an underground black market for human body parts, which the shipper of the disembodied heads disputes — but we’re still kinda creeped out to find that “the transport of heads and other human body parts aboard commercial airliners isn’t all that uncommon” for medical research purposes.According to NBC News, the supplier has been identified as JLS Consulting, an Arkansas-based firm whose business license was apparently revoked in December of 2009; JLS blames a third-party courier service that they used to ship the heads, and says that proper paperwork is forthcoming. The local coroner, for its part, says the paperwork has “discrepancies,” but yeah, you can mostly stop worrying about the legitimately transported crates of severed human body parts on your next flight now.

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