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Shocker: Kevin Smith still not too Happy with Southwest Airlines

Kevin Smith‘s recent spat with Southwest Airlines may have given us a new corollary to “never get involved in a land war in Asia“: Don’t detain a beloved cult director with 1.65 million Twitter followers for being “too fat to fly” (Smith’s words) when he’s already onboard the plane, stridently defending your “Customer of Size” policy while offering him a $100 voucher (Smith: “the way a john tosses a hooker a c-note”), and then take to your weirdly capitalized corporate blog — which is lined with peanuts, by the way — to passive-aggressively ‘apologize’ to “Not So Silent Bob.” Referring to him as “Not So Silent Bob” being a great way to show a ‘with it’ knowledge of his films and also to say: Hey guy, stop complaining about this incident on Twitter already.

Well, Kevin Smith is still ‘not so silent’ about the Southwest Airlines incident. After innumerable Tweets about the incident yesterday, many of which were self-made or retweeted fat jokes, Smith is back today, and it sounds like the offered c-note did not win him over.

A few new Tweets:

Via @tlaing1 “did they actually call you & speak with you personally” 36 hours after the incident & STILL no call, despite their blog-claim. (source)

@gbrmkls “your misadventure made Hungary’s no.1 news site’s main page.” Finally! Please tell me the news site’s called HungaryGlenRoss and that this morning, someone from downtown… someone from Mitch & Murray… finally broke them off a few of the good leads. (source)

Via @figgerella07 “Media is making kevin look like a diva” Who needs ’em? SMod106 tells the whole story, straight from the elephant’s trunk. (source)

Via @travistierno “The actions taken by @southwestAir are nothing but a COP OUT.” In theaters near you, February 26th. (source)

As that last Tweet indicates, Kevin Smith does just so happen to have a Tracey Morgan/Bruce Willis buddy comedy called Cop Out on the horizon, so the Southwest incident will no doubt give it an extra jolt of publicity. At that, he denied ABC News’ request for an interview, saying that he was holding out for an Oprah interview and (no, seriously) that he’s already said everything he wanted to say on his 90-minute podcast about the incident.

Kevin Smith’s podcast, sweetly titled “Go F*** Yourself, Southwest Airlines,” can be found on

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