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Snake Bites Woman 3 Months After She Bottled It in Wine

Maybe don't put live snakes in wine bottles?

A woman in northern China surnamed Liu was attacked by a snake. Why am I telling you this? Because that snake had been soaking in a closed wine bottle for three months before it struck Liu. She had been making snake wine, which I guess is a thing, and when she went to add more alcohol the snake made its move. This is not the first of these attacks.

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Chinese Zoo Tries to Pass Off Dogs as Lions, Leopards, Timberwolves

Okay, that last one is kind of close, but still, come on, guys.

Weekend at Bernie's: silly movie, not a challenge in outlandishness. Seems pretty obvious. Yet one zoo didn't seem to think so. They decided to just tell everyone that a dog was a lion, because no one could figure it out unless it started barking or something, because people are stupid. So, insightful readers: three guesses what happened next.

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Woman Sets Snake on Fire, Snake Goes on to Set Woman’s House on Fire [Video]

For today's lesson about cause and effect, we need only look to Bowie County in Texas, where the well-known conflict between woman and snake reared its ugly, flammable head yet again. This particular conflict involved a mowed lawn, gasoline, and a pile of brush. Oh yes, and fire. A Texan woman, you see, was startled by the presence of a snake and decided the best course of action would be to douse it and set it aflame. Whatever could go wrong?

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New Species of Sea Snake Discovered Sitting on Museum Shelf for Over 100 Years

Earlier this year, snake researchers Johan Elmberg and Arne Rasmussen were looking through a collection of sea snakes perserved in jars of formaldehyde in the bowels of Copenhagen's Natural History Museum -- you know, like ya do -- when they came upon a pair of very different looking snakes bearing the same specimen name. Something smelled wrong to the pair, and it wasn't just the gallons upon gallons of formaldehyde and dead snake. That began a search for proof that one of the snakes was a species never before described by science that ended today with the introduction of a new species to the books.

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Play Snake Using a Recorder

If you're old enough to remember the '90s, you probably remember Snake, the simple yet classic game found on cellphones of the day where the player controls what is essentially an ever-moving line and guides it toward dots. Once the snake "eats" the dots -- which were more visibly portrayed as apples in certain other versions at the time -- the snake grows longer, making controlling it more difficult. The game was surprisingly addicting for how barebones it was. Now, a team has modded Snake to be controlled with recorders in an attempt to emulate snake charmers.

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Snake vs. Centipede [Video]

This is not a good video. This is not a happy video. This is not even a particularly thrilling, or exciting video. It is, in a word, terrifying. Because watching it, you cannot help but imagine having a centipede, and it's many hard, uncaring legs, digging in to your flesh. Friends, my skin is crawling. The video's author says while visiting Penang, he or she  came across this snake and centipede locked in mortal combat. Well, that's one more place I can promise myself never to visit. And note that while we here at Geekosystem don't condone violence towards animals, we do often find ourselves watching some of the freakiest things nature can throw at us.

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Metal Gear Solid Stand-Up Comedy Bit [NSFW]

This Irish stand-up comedian, Dara O'Briain, does a whole bit about Snake, the main character from the famed Metal Gear Solid series. The weird part is, it's actually pretty funny. It's only not safe for work because of a few curse words, so either turn down the volume or plug in some headphones.

I'm surprised and proud that the audience is laughing at jokes as specific as these. "Not toggle maps!" This guy knows what's up.

(via Kotaku)

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Patriotic Robot Snake Climbs Trees, is Creepy

A team of students at Carnegie Mellon's Biorobotics Lab built a robotic snake, which they named "Uncle Sam," that is able to climb trees and, most of all, be creepy. Check out the video below.

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