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Play Snake Using a Recorder

If you’re old enough to remember the ’90s, you probably remember Snake, the simple yet classic game found on cellphones of the day where the player controls what is essentially an ever-moving line and guides it toward dots. Once the snake “eats” the dots — which were more visibly portrayed as apples in certain other versions at the time — the snake grows longer, making controlling it more difficult. The game was surprisingly addicting for how barebones it was. Now, a team has modded Snake to be controlled with recorders in an attempt to emulate snake charmers.

The game is actually running on a phone, the Nokia 6110, and with a little help from microcontrollers and relays attached to the buttons the phone uses to control the game, a simple peep from the recorder registers and moves the on-screen snake. The reason why you see the game’s visuals up on a big screen is simply because the phone’s screen is being projected, so, you know, you can see it on a big screen. Check out the video below, and realize how difficult it must actually be to control the game once the snake gets long.

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(via Hack a Day)

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