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Shadow of the Colossus

The Shadow of the Colossus Movie (Yes, Still Happening) Has A New Director


Shadow of the Colossus was a watershed moment in video games. It's one of those games that belongs in a museum, or in a course about the history of games as art. Yes, it has flaws, but at the time, Colossus hugely pushed the boundaries of what a game could be. "Influential" doesn't begin to cover it.

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Zoomin.TV Share Their Top 5 Depressing Games

Cue the sad songs.

Oftentimes we don't have to reach the end of the game we're playing before we realize how terribly depressing it is. In fact, a lot of these games thrive off of the sadness of both its characters and us as players. Needless to say, this week's Top 5 from Zoomin.TV has a pretty accurate title.

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Just In Case You Wanted A Personal Magic Weak Spot, Glow in the Dark Shadow of the Colossus Pendants

Not all that glitters is gold

The nerdy jewelry fix is a powerful one. And once you've gotten a few hits of Triforce pins and 1-up pendants, the popular stuff just doesn't do it for you anymore. You need something rarer. Obscurity is the best high. Well it doesn't get more video game connoisseur than wearing a glow in the dark replica of the special spot that all the colossi in Team ICO's Shadow of the Colossus get morally ambiguously stabbed in. Just watch out for tiny men on tiny horses with tiny magical swords. Here's what it looks like in the dark:

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Laying Down My Sword: How Games Can Inspire Moral Decisions, Even Without Asking


A curious thing happened as I was completing Mark of the Ninja a few weeks back (and yes, there are significant spoilers ahead). While the game has an entertaining story, it’s there for context and flavor, rather than being the driving force. The star of the show is the deliciously stylish gameplay, which caters to puzzle-loving adults who grew up with Saturday morning cartoons and martial arts movies. I often take satisfaction in playing stealth games as non-lethally as possible, but the combat in this one was too good to pass up. Ambushing baddies from shadowy air vents never got old. But I stopped doing it anyway.

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Things We Saw Today: The Wonder Woman Homage in the Honey Boo Boo Bio Comic

Things We Saw Today

Okay. Okay, I'm just mildly amused. Which is a change from the exhausted eyerolling with which I usually great any mention of Bluewater Comics bio-comics. That's a pretty significant accomplishment.

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Director of Chronicle Josh Trank Signs On to Direct Shadow of the Colossus Movie

Popular Sony video game franchises tend to stay in movie development hell for roughly ever. They're generally the movie version of vaporware; from the Metal Gear Solid movie, to the God of War movie, to the Uncharted movie. Talk of a Shadow of the Colossus movie has been bouncing around the rumorsphere for almost as long as the 2005 game has been released. Now, we're one step closer to seeing what could either be a horrible travesty of film or one of the best movies of all time. Deadline reports that the Shadow of the Colossus movie has found a director, none other than Josh Trank, who happened to direct surprise superpowered hit Chronicle.

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Super Genius Fumito Ueda Leaves Team ICO, Sony, and We're Sad

Not too long ago, there was a terrible rumor floating out around that Fumito Ueda, the genius behind Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and the upcoming The Last Guardian would be leaving Team ICO. Well, those horrible, nightmare-inducing rumors are true, as Sony confirmed that Ueda is indeed leaving. He, at least, will continue working on bringing The Last Guardian to fruition on a contract basis.

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Geekolinks: 9/25

Shadow of the Colossus and ICO Confirmed for Single-Disc HD Release With Many Extras

After many months of speculation, Team Ico has confirmed that the phenomenal Shadow of the Colossus and stellar Ico will be released on the PlayStation 3 in America and Europe on a single disc, remastered in HD, with full trophy support and even 3D support if played on a capable television. The games will also run in a consistent 30 frames-per-second as well as sport an overhaul of the textures to ensure the releases look great in high definition. If that weren't enough, the European ending in Ico, which slightly differed from the American ending, will be included as the new, "regular" ending to the game. But wait, there's more! Fumito Ueda, series head and hero to gamers everywhere, has said they're planning on doing something about the widely disliked original North American box art of the games.

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Roger Ebert: “I Was a Fool for Mentioning Video Games in the First Place”

In mid-April, you may recall that Roger Ebert inspired the wrath of the entire Internet by writing that video games could never be art. There were some major problems with the process by which he arrived at that conclusion, not least because he hasn't actually played a video game made in the past decade: As Geekosystem's Susana Polo wrote at the time, "watching some gameplay footage and having someone explain the game’s basic concept to you is not a substitute for the experience of playing the game. I’m pretty sure Roger Ebert would never pass judgment on a song or a painting if he had only heard someone describe it; and he would never review a movie based on reading a few pages of the novelization. I wish he could have the same attitude towards games."

Maybe because he wanted to put the video game fracas behind him as we enter a new month, maybe just to extend a small and qualifier-laden olive branch, Ebert has written another long blog post clarifying his position on video games. He doesn't exactly recant or apologize for his previous post: he still believes that video games can't be "Art," but he says that it was a mistake to say so in the first place in the way that he did, without firsthand experience of modern gaming.

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Rumor: Remastered, HD Shadow of the Colossus and Ico in Early 2011

File this under things that we really really really hope are true. A couple of different (Warning: The second link is NSFW and NWYT [not worth your time]) places around the internet are saying that gamemaker Team Ico, the makers of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and the upcoming The Last Guardian, are planning to re-release their much beloved first two games.

Ico is nearly ten years old, and Colossus half that age. Both were released with the best graphics that the Playstation 2 could offer, and a visual update, even if it's just an increase in resolution, would be a welcome addition to the already legendary game mechanics and stories.

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