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Rumor: Remastered, HD Shadow of the Colossus and Ico in Early 2011

File this under things that we really really really hope are true.  A couple of different (Warning: The second link is NSFW and NWYT [not worth your time]) places around the internet are saying that gamemaker Team Ico, the makers of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and the upcoming The Last Guardian, are planning to re-release their much beloved first two games.

Ico is nearly ten years old, and Colossus half that age.  Both were released with the best graphics that the Playstation 2 could offer, and a visual update, even if it’s just an increase in resolution, would be a welcome addition to the already legendary game mechanics and stories.

If the rumor is true, both games would come on one Blue-Ray disc, and remastered in HD.  1UP also has an interesting theory about the rumored timing of the release:

It may tell us a little bit about Team Ico’s latest project, The Last Guardian. After all, it would make sense to release any “Team Ico Collection” right around the launch of their new game, and more than likely even a few weeks or months before it (much like Sony did with the God of War Collection before the release of God of War 3). As such, this might suggest The Last Guardian is similarly planned for a first-quarter release next year.

The Last Guardian was announced at last year’s E3.

(via 1UP.)

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