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Dear NBC: Straightwashing Is Not OK (and Maybe Hire Producers Who Aren’t Myopic)

There are so many important, interesting, inspiring stories within the LGBTQIA community. If only the producers and television executives telling those stories actually acknowledged where they came from. In the case of the upcoming NBC drama Rise, its protagonist, based on a real person, will be missing a key element of his identity. The person is gay, but the character will be straight.

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By Odin’s Beard, You Can Read the Entire Thor: Ragnarok Script Here

Disney released the full, hilarious script for Thor: Ragnarok as part of the film's campaign for a Best Adapted Screenplay award, and now it can live on your computer as a PDF forever.

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This Inside Out Screenwriting Video Challenges the Age-Old Advice “Write What You Know”

The video from the series Lessons From the Screenplay offers a fantastic twist on that advice. Rather than writing what you know, they say "write what you want to know." Because really, "a story is as much a journey for the person writing it as it is for the characters in it."

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Interview: Writer Ellen Furman Talks Being the Unconventional Choice to Write the Bryan Cranston Film The Infiltrator

When director Brad Furman read the memoir, The Infiltrator, by former federal agent Bob Mazur, he knew he wanted to adapt it into a film. When thinking about who the screenwriter should be, he made an unorthodox suggestion for the job — his mother, Ellen Furman.

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Carrie Fisher’s Unsung Legacy as a Script Doctor Extraordinaire

It's time for another TMS video history lesson, this time about Carrie Fisher's unsung skills as one of Hollywood's most notable script doctors! The video above details Fisher's career history working as a punch-up writer on some of the greatest films of the 90s—as well as a few unsalvageable stinkers.

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Actual Queen Meryl Streep Has Funded a Screenwriting Workshop for Women Over 40

Women make up about 29% of TV writers and a miserable 15% of film writers, and you know who's not going to let that stand? Meryl fuckin' Streep, friends.

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Lady-Written Flicks Like Catherine The Great Top Hollywood’s Most Buzzed-About Scripts List

Each year's Hollywood Black List is comprised of the most talked-about (but as-yet unproduced) films in the industry—and this year's list has some pretty interesting ladies on it, both in front and behind the hypothetical lens.

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Kung Fu Panda Gets Surreal: Charlie Kaufman Doing Rewrites on Script

Charlie Kaufman is one of the most respected screenwriters in the business. His screenplays, from Being John Malkovich to Synecdoche, New York, are some of the most original, intriguing works to hit the screen in years. That's why many film fans are a little surprised to read the news from the Hollywood Reporter that Kaufman has been doing touch ups on the script for the sequel to a movie starring Jack Black as a chubby panda who knows karate. That's right, Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom just got a hell of a lot more surreal.

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