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What Does NASA’s Twins Study Mean for the Future of Humans in Space?

From digestion to the rate we age, life in space could have surprising side effects.

You may not know who astronauts Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly are by just their names, but they may change the future of spaceflight.

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Astronaut Scott Kelly Shares His Brand New Firsts Since Returning to Earth

First apple pie, first dinner, first flower, first sunset...

Astronaut Scott Kelly shared his "firsts" on Instagram, sharing with everyone the first time he's experienced every little thing since returning from space.

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Scott Kelly’s Return Filled With Catching Up (Thanks Stephen Colbert!) and Mysteries (That Jumpsuit!)

Scott Kelly has begun to get re-acclimated to being back on Earth. Thankfully, he seems to be getting some help.

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Astronaut Scott Kelly Grew Two Inches and Got Younger in Space–Plus More

Seriously, though!

Astronaut Scott Kelly, who returned a few days ago from spending just under a year on the International Space Station has had substantial changes occur within his body over the prolonged period of time he's spent up there.

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Watch Coverage of Scott Kelly’s Return to Earth After 340 Days in Space

American astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko are due to return to Earth tonight after spending 340 days on the International Space Station, and NASA is currently live-streaming coverage of his return, starting with a farewell and a hatch closure that's going on now, with de-orbit and landing coverage scheduled to begin at 10:15 PM. You can watch the coverage above!

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Things We Saw Today: Deadpool’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead Concept Art

Concept artist Joshua James Shaw shared some early concept art for Deadpool's Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and it's fascinating to see the different iterations she went through.

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Astronauts Go Ape, Chase Each Other Through the International Space Station in Gorilla Suit

Scientists in space have to combat tedium in one way or another, right?

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Want Your Question Answered… From Space?

In space, apparently people CAN hear you tweet. Or use Tumblr.

As of today, Cdr. Kelly says he's on day 321 of his Year in Space, but he's also gone over 500 days in space total! So what better way to celebrate than to answer questions posed by strangers on the Internet?

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Check Out These Snaps of Winter Storm Jonas — From Space!

While most of us on the East Coast woke up to white blanketing our streets and backyards, you can get a whole different glimpse of what Winter Storm Jonas looks like when you're orbiting hundreds of miles above the Earth.

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Check Out These Pictures of the First Flower Grown in Space

Space botany! The future is now.

This weekend, the astronauts up on the International Space Station reached a major milestone: they grew the first flower in space.

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Astronaut Scott Kelly Filmed a Ghost on the ISS This Weekend

Beeltejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejui—

Astronaut Scott Kelly sure finds entertaining ways to pass the time during his year in space--in addition to his awesome space playlist, he's also busy making sure the ISS is good and haunted.

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Things We Saw Today: This Back to the Future DeLorean Cake is, Well, Heavy

This DeLorean cake was originally made for Back to the Future Day by Tattooed Bakers, but it's just so awesome that we can't imagine anyone in their right mind would want to cut into it and ruin the majesty.

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Here’s Astronaut Scott Kelly’s Space Station Playlist. What Would Yours Be?

Like a science-themed version of the hypothetical "desert island playlist."

Astronaut Scott Kelly, who broke the record for being the US citizen who's spent the most time in space, recently shared the music playlist that he listens to as a method for keeping himself company out there in the black. Kelly spoke to Spotify, where his playlist is hosted, to share his thoughts on how the songs helped him keep his wits about him.

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Astronaut Scott Kelly Has a Great Anti-Bullying Message for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Listen up, Earthlings.

If a victim were capable of fixing things on their own, the world would have no problems. As NASA astronaut Scott Kelly points out, it's important not to just be a bystander but instead to speak out when you see something that's unacceptable in society—whether it's bullying or anything else. It's important to have vocal allies. If you won't take it from me, take it from a spaceman.

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Twins in Spaaace! NASA Will Perform Tests on Astronaut Using Identical Twin As Control

If one twin ages 10 milliseconds less than his brother, does anyone actually care?

As totally and unbelievably awesome as it would be to have "Space Explorer" as your job title, astronauts lives are not quite as simple as ours here on Earth -- extended time in space contributes to a whole host of health problems. But now NASA has a fairly inexpensive way to test propensity for such issues: identical twins.

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View From Within the International Space Station [Video]

Expedition 25 flight engineer Scott Kelly shows us the view from the International Space Station's cupola. Nope, no mutant aliens flying around in the distance.

(via LiveLeak)

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25 Astronauts to Follow on Twitter

Even if you're not a Twitter nut, astronauts are some of the most worthwhile people you can follow on Twitter. Let's face it: while they're interesting people in their own right, being able to send never-before-seen pictures directly from space is a pretty good way to get popular fast. Though you could track them down yourself, we thought it'd be helpful to compile a list of astronauts on Twitter who are currently active:

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