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San Diego Comic-Con 2015

Fear Not, Hellblazers! Arrow Showrunner Wants to Bring Constantine Back … on Arrow


There may not be hope left for Constantine the SHOW to come back, but its star—both the character John Constantine and actor Matt Ryan—may still have a chance to return to TV screens if the rest of DC's TV universe has anything to say about it.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Marisa Acocella Marchetto Talks Ann Tenna

At Comic-Con last week, The Mary Sue's Sam Maggs had a chance to chat with New Yorker cartoonist and author of the critically-acclaimed graphic memoir Cancer Vixen, Marisa Acocella Marchetto. Marchetto's new graphic memoir, Ann Tenna, comes out in hardcover on September 1st.

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Supernatural’s Ongoing Fridging Problem Isn’t a Laughing Matter

At the Supernatural Comic-Con panel, one fan stepped up to the mic to ask a question about the show’s treatment of female characters, specifically referencing the recent death of hacker Charlie Bradbury. You can watch the question being asked in the video after the jump as well as the uncomfortable awkwardness that follows.

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Joss Whedon Talks Twist, How Male Fans Relate to Buffy, and What He Thinks of a Buffy Reboot

After holding court in Hall H over the weekend, Joss Whedon found time to talk to EW about his "Victorian female batman" comic, the tempting possibility of a Buffy reboot, and the evolution of female characters since the '90s.

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We Asked Supergirl‘s Cast and Creative Team What They Want Young Women to Take Away from the Show

"I think that’s a great message for young women, because this country has really disenfranchised them, for a long time."

While at Comic-Con over the weekend, The Mary Sue's Sam Maggs had a chance to speak with Supergirl stars Jeremy Jordan and Mehcad Brooks, as well as series creator Greg Berlanti, and writers Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg. So what does Supergirl's cast and creative team want young women to take away from the upcoming show?

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Mockingjay Part 2 Drowns Out Batman v Superman and Star Wars on Twitter

Tweet, tweet, boys.

How fitting is it that the movie with the name of a bird in its title is the one that gets talked about the most on Twitter. Twitter. Birds. I can't handle this, my joke circuit is overloaded.

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Warner Bros. Is Mad That We All Wanted to Watch the Suicide Squad Trailer Because of Reasons

They want to hurt us really, really bad.

I get wanting to make sure the dedicated fans who made their way to Comic-Con are rewarded with an experience that the rest of us lesser mortals can only dream of, but Warner Bros.' begrudging admission that it was in their best interest to show us all the Suicide Squad trailer just seems petty.

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The Fantastic Four Comic-Con Trailer Finally Gives Doom and The Thing a Voice

Should've made Dr. Doom sound like Gir. For reasons.

As the Fantastic Four release date creeps up on us, the fine folks over at 20th Century Fox have given us another neat trailer that shares just a little more detail than the last few ones that've come out. Which is fine, but the lack of Kanye is disappointing.

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Jordan Gavaris Discusses Sexism in SDCC’s Brave New Warriors Panel

"There’s no wiggle room in terms of gender"

The Brave New Warriors Comic-Con panel featured Michael Cudlitz (The Walking Dead), Zachary Levi (Heroes Reborn), Sam Heughan (Outlander), Kevin Durand (The Strain) and Rob Kazinsky (Pacific Rim), and Jordan Gavaris (Orphan Black). With moderator Lynette Rice, they talked about their badass moments (Gavaris: "I gave a makeover"), their "wimpy" moments, and how they experienced sexism in the industry.

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Things We Saw Today: The Unicorns, A Geek Girl Photo Book You Should Definitely Check Out

Have you ever been to any kind of geek or geek-adjacent event and felt kind of... alone? Isolated? Kind of like you're the last unicorn or something? Well, don't worry, because you are not alone, and this Kickstarter for a rad photo book aims to prove just that.

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Suicide Squad Comic-Con Footage Officially Released Following Leak

Stop watching that leaked Comic-Con video! A lovely, high-quality version has arrived and awaits your judgement!

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LEGO Reveals Unlockable Characters in LEGO Avengers, Including Whitewashed America Chavez

So close.

America Chavez in a video game? Hell yeah! A LEGO video game? Okay, sure! Hella whitewashed? Ye--wait, no... what?

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Captain Marvel Scribe Talks Strong Female Characters and the Pressure of Writing Marvel’s First Female Superhero Movie

Carol Corps, Assemble!

"Meg and I are doing a lot of brainstorming and we’ll catch ourselves and say, ‘Wait a minute, what are we saying [here] about women in power?’ Then we have to say, ‘Why are we getting so hung up on that? We should just tell the best story and build the best character.’"

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NBC Releases Full-Length Heroes Reborn Trailer

NBC debuted the full-length Heroes Reborn trailer at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, and it looks pretty action packed.

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The Trailer for CW’s Vixen Animated Mini-Series Is Here!

Can we just move this along to a full, live action series already?

Yes, we've still got new comic-con trailers rolling in—and some that haven't been released yet at all because reasons?—and among them is this one for Vixen on CW Seed!

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Here’s the Entire Force Awakens Comic-Con Panel Video You’re Looking For

BB8? Are you out there?

Couldn't be at Hall H in person to see the most recent teases of Force Awakens? Fear not!

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Conan Declares Himself a Feminist, Debuts New Ant-Man for Gender Equality

Sexism is over?

"As a feminist," Conan announces, "I thought tonight we'd even the playing field for you ladies."

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Things We Saw Today: Deadpool‘s Leaked Trailer and Agent Carter Panel Recap

Another mini-SDCC round up for you!

It's gory, it's sarcastic, it's hilarious, and it's got Salt n Pepa. What else do you need?

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Joss Whedon Holds Court in Hall H: Talks Twist, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible 2

Victorian female Batman? Yes. Yes, please.

Joss Whedon did what Whedon does and held court in Hall H this year.

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Women Who Kick Ass Panel at Comic-Con: Wonder Woman, Shipping, and Low Blows

The "Women Who Kick Ass" panel at Comic-Con featured a bunch of our favorite ass-kickers, including Gwendoline Christie, Kathy Bates, Gal Gadot, Hayley Atwell, and Jenna Coleman.

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