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Rogue One Toys Revealed in Robot Chicken-like #GoRogue Stop Motion Web Series

That Jyn Erso figure, though. So good.

Disney and Lucasfilm brought in a team of Star Wars superfans to develop a short, four-episode stop motion web series highlighting Rogue One's new line of toys.

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Could Jar Jar Binks Turn Out To Be A Sith Lord?

One of the more popular theories about Star Wars: The Force Awakens has to do with who might turn out to be siding with the dark side. Lots of folks seem to think that good ol' Luke Skywalker may have some less than savory motivations in this film. But a far funnier theory has begun to independently form in the minds of Star Wars fans: what if Kylo Ren takes off his mask and it's Jar Jar Binks under there?

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Adult Swim Announces New York Comic Con Lineup; NYCC to Take Over Hammerstein Ballroom

Werewolves and chickens!

Calling all Swim fans! New York Comic Con's Adult Swim lineup has just been announced, and there's a lot to be excited about.

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Hacked Power Glove Gives Robot Chicken the World’s Baddest Bionic Animator

He's the a wizard.

A DIY stop-motion animation helper would be cool on its own, but Robot Chicken animator Dillon Markey took the idea one step further by building the functionality into an old Nintendo Power Glove. Sadly, the Power Glove is much better at animation than it ever was at playing games, no matter how much The Wizard made us all want one.

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Robot Chicken Season 7 Will Include A Second DC Comics Special, Plus A Cameo By George R.R. Martin

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

One of the many constants in this universe is that every pop culture franchise you love will eventually be ruined by Robot Chicken. Given the current prominence of comic book superheroes and Game of Thrones, respective skewerings were probably inevitable. Speaking with Zap2it, Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green commented that as far as DC Comics goes, "There's no real line we can't cross." Oh boy.

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Wreck-It Ralph Gets Its Medal, Wins Big at the Annie Awards

I'll Allow It

Wreck-It Ralph was the King (Candy) at last night's Annie Awards, beating out Brave and ParaNorman for Best Animated Feature. It was nominated alongside Hotel Transylvania, Frankenweenie, Rise of the Guardians, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and The Rabbi's Cat too, but honestly, did any of those have a chance? Actually, speaking realistically ParaNorman was a long shot as well, but I really (really really really... ) wanted it to win and may have deluded myself as to its chances a little.

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Adventure Time, Green Lantern, Robot Chicken, and More Are Coming to Netflix. Finally!

Oh Mah Glob Guys

Starting this March, I will have no excuse not to watch Adventure Time, as it—along with a slew of other offerings from Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Animation, and Adult Swim—will be available for streaming on Netflix. Yay for no more dodgy YouTube vids! Just kidding. There will always be dodgy YouTube vids.

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Things We Saw Today: 1990s League Of Extraordinary Gentlepersons

Things We Saw Today

Mighty God King has updated Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentleman to the 1990s. You can buy it on Etsy. (via io9

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Watch the Trailer for Robot Chicken’s DC Comics Special

It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

We're pretty excited for this Robot Chicken DC Comics Special. It's set to feature plenty of awesome people as the voices of plenty of awesome characters; Neil Patrick Harris as Two-Face, Seth Green as Batman, Robin, and Aquaman, Nathan Fillion as the Green Lantern, Alfred Molina as Lex Luthor, and the list goes on. As Green said, it's the "whole Robot Chicken story within this awesome universe.” And the trailer looks pretty freaking hilarious, we have to say. (via Collider)

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Batman & Superman Will Share The Big Screen For The First Time Thanks To The New LEGO Movie

And I'll Form the Head!

A LEGO film seems long overdue considering the toy properties that have gotten Hollywood's attention over the last few years but will this one be a hit? I'm gonna go ahead and say yes considering this news. The film, titled Lego: The Piece of Resistance, will bring Batman and Superman together on the big screen for the first time in special cameos. Hit the jump to find out who will be voicing them and whether or not other franchise characters could be joining them!

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More Details About Robot Chicken‘s DC Comics Special, Including Cast Members!

where does he get those wonderful toys

Back in October, at New York Comic Con, the creators of Adult Swim's Robot Chicken announced that they'd be doing a special centered solely on the DC universe. But at that point, there wasn't much for them to show us, aside from all the sketches they'd already done with DC characters. Now, however, is a different story, because they have announced a cast of pretty amazing people to provide voice talent. We also know it will be coming this fall, probably just in time to promote at the next NYCC. Seriously, even this Marvel girl is psyched for this.

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All the Trekkie Ladies? All the Trekkie Ladies! [Video]

The Final Frontier

How this has been sitting around on the internet for nearly a year with only about a thousand views is heartbreaking. We are here to rectify this situation and give this Robot Chicken-y video the love it deserves. Ladies and Gentlenerds: Captain Picard, Geordi LaForge, and Data, as action figures, dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Made by YouTube user pivotalproduction. (via Elliott Serrano)

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Robot Chicken Creators Open Their Own Stop-Motion Animation Studio


Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, creators of the fifteen minute show that made you feel very uncomfortable about your nostalgia, announced this weekend that they would be merging their producing business, Stoopid Monkey, with stop-motion studio Buddy Systems, to launching their very own stop-motion studio. And call it Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. Yes, really. In someways this represents a new direction for Robot Chicken and in others a return to its roots.

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10 Things We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Power Grid

If you live in the U.S. (like the writers of The Mary Sue), then today you're experiencing (maybe even celebrating!) Thanksgiving 2011. And whether you're working through the day, or preparing to stuff yourself with the roasted flesh of an over-engineered domestic bird, or whatever your particular Turkey Day tradition is, we hope you'll indulge us for a Power Grid while we talk about what we're thankful for.

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Warner Bros. Is Making a “Live-Action Hybrid” LEGO Movie, Not Totally Sure What That Means

Just Go With It

Warner Bros. announced that it has officially greenlit a LEGO movie, calling it a "CG-animated/live-action hybrid." Um, we kind of don't know exactly how to interpret that or how the famous Danish building toys come into play, but we'll know for sure in 2014, because that's when it's coming to theaters. What we do know is that the LEGO set based on the LEGO movie will be the most meta tie-in that ever meta-ed.

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MODOK Hosts a Marvel House of Horrors! [Video]


This is what happens when Robot Chicken meets Marvel meets the horror/supernatural genre and they all get drunk together and say "Let's make something, you guys!": MODOK puts on an Elvira costume -- with breasts -- and hosts a Marvel-themed horror show. I honestly can't tell if this is Halloween or Christmas! (Marvel on YouTube via Topless Robot)

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Spread The Word: Mark Hamill Would Voice The Joker For The Killing Joke


I'm a happy camper when I hear either Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill's names associated with Batman and the Joker. The two actors have become synonymous to those roles thanks to Bruce Timm's Batman: The Animated Series and subsequent features in which they appear. Most recently, the duo lent their voices to the sequel to the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, but Hamill caused a stir when he tweeted something just a few days ago that led us all to believe that was his last time playing the Joker. Hamill has now ammended his statement to add a few exceptions to his new no-Joker rule - more Arkham and the controversial Alan Moore story, The Killing Joke

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Here’s a Sneak Peak at Robot Chicken‘s DC Comics Special

If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

Geoff Johns and the makers of Robot Chicken had a particularly surprising announcement just over a week ago at New York Comic Con: Star Wars was no longer the only major franchised fictional universe to hand itself over to the stop-motion-giving-you-uncomfortable-feelings-about-your-childhood-memories television show for an entire episode of parody. Here's the very preview clip that was aired at NYCC. Needless to say, this is Robot Chicken. Not safe for kids, not safe for work. Also, I have never felt so weird about using this category before. (via Comic Book Resources.)

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NYCC: Macaulay Culkin Licks Seth Green’s Face [Video]

What It Says On the Tin

This happened: At the panel for Robot Chicken Season 5.5, someone asked if show creator Seth Green and occasional show talent Macaulay Culkin could do a sexy pose. So, they did, because Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin would never disappoint you. (And as far as I know, because I haven't seen it, this is not a scene from Party Monster.) (via BuzzFeed)

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Old Skool Saturday: Stop-Action Jonny Quest Intro [Video]

this exists

This is what happens when Robot Chicken and The Venture Bros. get into a way-back machine together and something goes horribly wrong. Except it actually went wonderfully right. I'd like to make a Doctor Who reference about what happens when there's hanky-panky in the TARDIS, I will be giving away a gigantic spoiler. But let's just sit back and enjoy this stop-action version of the intro to Hanna-Barbera's Jonny Quest (the original is here for comparison) by Roger D. Evans. (Geek Tyrant)

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