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Want a 3D-Printed Replica of Your Fetus?

If pictures of your ultrasound and the resulting child weren’t enough of a memory of being pregnant with said child, you can now get a 3D printout of your fetus to help commemorate all the promise your unborn child held before it was born and started listening to that music you hate.

Japanese engineering company Fasotec is now helping spruce up the mantle over your fireplace by offering “Shape of an Angel,” a 3D-printed replica of your fetus while it was in the womb. The process of making the 3D-printed replica is fairly simple as far as 3D printing goes. The fetus is photographed using an MRI, then run through 3D imaging software and sent to the 3D printer. White resin is used to make the fetus, and clear resin is used to make the mother’s womb, and the positioning and appearance of the model fetus matches that of the actual fetus.

A printout, which measures in at around 90 x 60 x 40 millimeters, will burn hole in your pocket around the size of $1,230. Amusingly, the printout comes in a tasteful jewelry box.

Thanks, Japan.

(ITmedia via Rocket News 24)

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