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Showing Forced Solidarity with as Little Effort as Possible, Men Are Also Wearing Black to the Golden Globes

The move to wear black is literally the least these men can do, at a time when there is a LOT men can do.

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Former Bernie Sanders Staffer Erika Andiola and Six Other DACA Recipients on Hunger Strike

The deadline for the U.S. federal government to pass spending legislation in order to avoid a shutdown is December 22nd. Among other things up for debate is the question of whether any spending bill should be passed without a clean DREAM Act. In order to stress the importance of this, seven "Dreamers" are on a hunger strike.

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Trump’s Negligence Is Still Hurting Puerto Rico, So Hundreds Marched to Demand Action

Today (Sunday), hundreds of protesters marched through Washington, D.C. and gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to demand action on behalf of Puerto Rico.

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French Activists Say It Is ‘Indecent’ to Honor Roman Polanski

In Roman Polanski is trash and people should stop supporting him news, feminist activists in France are trying to stop a planned retrospective of his work from being showcased in a film festival starting this week.

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#WomenBoycottTwitter Silences Women and Highlights White Feminism. Whose Idea Was This?

Also, how do you use a Twitter hashtag to boycott Twitter? Don't you need to be ON Twitter to...oh, never mind.

The #womenboycotttwitter hashtag, which was supposed to culminate in a boycott today, didn't exactly succeed in its execution. And there are a couple of reasons why.

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DirecTV Humors Racists With Refunds After NFL “Take a Knee” Protests

It's always so amusing to me that the people who are usually the first to complain that others are too "easily offended" by things like, you know, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobialittle things like that—are the first to kick, scream, and attempt to curtail the freedom of others over things that don't actually affect anyone's actual life.

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The Daily Show Wrote a Savage “Green Eggs and Ham” Poem for Racists Who Hate When Black People Protest

In the wake of Trump's attacks on NFL players who protest against police brutality, Daily Show host Trevor Noah asks, "When is the 'right time' for black people to protest?"

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Did Your State Try to Crack Down on Protesters This Year? They’re Likely to Try Again.

Both the United Nations and the nonprofit State Innovation Exchange have identified a disturbing, anti-democratic attack against protests in the U.S. state legislatures.

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From Durham to Boston, We Saw Why You Don’t Just Ignore Fascists. You Outnumber Them.

When white supremacists threatened to show up in Durham and Boston, the people of those cities showed up to outnumber and outshine them.

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Where Is the Money I Was Promised for Attending All of These Protests?

Please find my invoice attached.

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Funny Protest Signs and Serious Demands for Transparency at the March for Truth

The March for Truth was organized to demand a full and independent investigation into allegations of Trump's potential collusion with Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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Check Out the Clever Signs and Boisterous Crowds from Today’s #TaxMarch

Protesters across the United States and the world organized Tax Marches, demanding that Trump release his tax returns, on April 15.

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Get Involved: Actions, Gatherings, and Demonstrations for Today’s Day Without a Woman

If you're looking for ways to get involved in today's Day Without a Woman, here are a few demonstrations or actions happening in major cities around the country.

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Betsy DeVos, Walking Meme, Was Blocked From Entering a School By Protesters

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Betsy DeVos tried to visit a Washington D.C. middle school today, and, well, she didn't exactly get the warmest welcome.

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[VIDEO] The Mary Sue Staff Joins the Women’s Marches in New York City, Los Angeles and Boston

This past weekend, people all over the world participated in Women's Marches, with the most notable march being the one in Washington, D.C. Many of us here at The Mary Sue also participated in these marches, as you can see in the video above!

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Feminism Around the World: #NiUnaMenos Protest in Argentina Highlights Epidemic of Violence Against Women

Every 30 hours, a woman is killed in Argentina, and according to The Guardian, of the Top Ten countries for femicide, seven are in Latin America.

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Counter-Protests Being Organized After Westboro Baptist Church Announces Protests of Orlando Victims’ Funerals

Douchebags gonna douchebag.

This is a difficult enough time for the families of the victims in the Pulse shooting in Orlando without having to deal with even more hatred. Unfortunately, douchebags gonna douchebag and the Westboro Baptist Church have announced that they're going to be protesting the funerals of the victims. Thankfully, there are people who won't be standing idly by allowing that to happen.

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Domestic Violence Protesters “Escorted” From Suffragette Premiere in Painful Reminder That The Fight Isn’t Over

Laying across the red carpet, chanting, and releasing smoke flares, activists arrived at a Suffragette premiere earlier today to protest funding cuts for domestic violence help services. The protest was not as well received by everyone as you'd expect a feminist protest to be at the premiere of a movie about historic feminism.

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Batgirl Protests Coal Mine, Causes a Shutdown

Save the Batgirl. Save the Leard

In order to shut down Idemitsu's Boggabri coal mine in Australia, activists dressed up in bat suit costumes and suspended themselves along the site's coal loader for nine hours. First, one must worry how could these bat people stand to hang upside down for nine hours despite all the blood rushing to their head?

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PETA Protests Whaling In Assassin’s Creed IV, Just In Case There Is Whaling In Assassin’s Creed IV

Well, PETA has invented a ludicrous thing to be outraged over, so it must be Wednesday. This week, it's Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin's Creed IV that has the animal rights group all in a tizzy over portrayals of whaling in the game. Or rather, what might potentially be portrayals of whaling in the game, since the game isn't out yet, and all we know about the game's latest maritime installment is that at some point, the protagonist is on a ship and sees a whale. This, according to PETA, makes the game developers whale hating monsters who are worse than 1,000 Stalins, presumably because having any other reaction to it would require the folks at PETA to actually think about a reasoned response for like two minutes.

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