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Ted Cruz Spent the Last 24 Hours Getting Heckled All Over New York

Ted Cruz walks alone through the Capitol holding a cup of coffee.

Ted Cruz showed up at Yankee Stadium this weekend to watch the New York baseball team play the Houston Astros. I don’t know what he thought would happen, but the crowd had the only possible reaction to his presence, which was to boo him into oblivion and drown him in a sea of middle fingers:

Cruz has consistently railed against New York and its residents, deriding them as out-of-touch, snobby “elitists.” He even managed to make Donald Trump look good by comparison back in early 2016, when, during a primary debate, Cruz condemned what he called “New York values,” i.e. “socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro–gay marriage [and] focus around money and the media.”

Cruz must not have actually cared much about the game because, if multiple Twitter users are to be believed, he left during the sixth inning, while the score was tied. And not only did he get a “proper Yankee Stadium welcome,” he also got a nice Yankee Stadium farewell:

That wasn’t the only heckling Cruz received during his time in New York. Monday morning he appeared as a guest on The View (which is likely the reason he was in town in the first place). It’s pretty abhorrent that ABC would give Cruz such an enormous platform to promote his new book. Fortunately, there were a few protesters present to push back.

I don’t know if this was an official protester, but someone else in the audience engaged in another (entirely legitimate!) form of dissent, yelling “fuck you” at Cruz during the broadcast:

The show’s cast was visibly upset by the interruptions but this is a reasonable reaction from the audience. If ABC and The View are going to give Cruz their platform to spew extremist talking points about election fraud and the so-called radical left, the audience gets to let them know how awful they find that.

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