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Foursquare is Changing Its Privacy Policy, Probably Because That Worked so Well for Instagram

Foursquare is continuing to grow despite the very subjective metric that I haven't seen one of those "Check in Here" stickers at a business in a while. I sort of forgot about Foursquare. Still, they've had a great year that saw millions of new users and their three-mbillionth check-in. They've branched out their services to be a stronger competitor to Yelp, whose stickers I have seen a lot of around New York. Now Foursquare is telling its users that it's going to be updating its terms of service, making more user information public. I don't see this going well for you, Foursquare.

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Report Claims Instagram Lost 25% of Users, Instagram Claims “Nu-uh”

When Instagram announced they would be changing their Terms of Service Agreement, a lot of users got upset and threatened to delete their accounts. One report by a company called AppData says that Instagram's users fell by 25% on Christmas day. According the AppData, it was like millions of voices suddenly cried out in disagreement, and were suddenly silenced. Instagram and Facebook, which owns the service, have obviously denied those numbers, but they might not just be saving face. The way AppData tracks their numbers makes the whole thing a little suspect.

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Instagram Changes Terms of Use, Internet Goes Bonkers

Remember that user agreement we all clicked through without reading when we signed up for Instagram? Yesterday they announced they were changing it, and someone actually read those changes, and then the Internet lost its hivemind over the new policy. Why so upset, Internet? It's largely due to the fact that Instagram's new policy, which goes into effect January 16th, allows them to sell any user photos they want without having to pay the owner of the picture. Is that really a big deal?

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This Is Your Last Chance To Vote On Facebook Privacy Terms And Your Right To Vote In The Future

Did you know you could vote on Facebook? Not just about things like "Which cat is cuter?" or "What's the best Full House episode?", but on substantive things like the actual policies of Facebook? Well you can, at least for the next hour or so. Voting closes today at 3:00 (EST) on the newest round of privacy chances to Facebook. So how about you stop posting meaningless copyright notices on your wall and take a minute to do something that can actually affect what Facebook does with your information? This could be your last chance, since one of the changes is whether Facebook will let users vote in the future.

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If You Use Airtime, Be Ready For It To Save Pictures Of You

If you're going to be video chatting, chances are you're going to get all dolled up first. I mean, if someone is going to see your face, it might as well look good (at least, as good as it reasonably can). There's another good reason to look presentable if you're going to be chatting on the brand new Airtime; Airtime is going to take periodic pictures of you, and keep them on hand for future reference. It's totally alright too, since you give them permission to do just that if you join up.

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