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EIC Axel Alonso Discusses What’s Next for Marvel Post-Secret Wars

In an interview with Grantland Podcasts' "The Andy Greenwald Podcast," Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief, Axel Alonso, spoke at length about what it takes to bring Marvel "events" together. He also alluded to what the story of the next major story after Secret Wars might be. Check out the interview in full above!

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Podcast Hit Serial‘s Season Two to Tackle a Case With a National Scope

If you were as obsessed with the hit podcast Serial as the rest of America, you'll be happy to know that the show has chosen the case on which it'll focus for its second season! And it's a lot bigger in scope.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: Michael Ian Black Interviews Felicia Day

How to Be Amazing!

When you've been in the comedy game as long as Michael Ian Black has you tend to meet a lot of cool and interesting people.

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Welcome to Night Vale Recap: Episode 21 “A Memory of Europe”

Enjoy the painful impermanence of time, kids!

Get ready to hear Cecil reminisce and learn a bit about some European countries that are totally real you guys don’t you know anything about geography?

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Welcome to Night Vale Recap: Episode 18 “The Traveler”

Have I mentioned lately that time is weird in Night Vale?

Once again Cecil feels it is a news story by itself to tell us that there is a visitor in Night Vale. But this one is not noted for his perfect hair or charming, if perilous, curiosity. Instead this traveler has a handsome, terrible beard and an arrogance that could lead to his own undoing.

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The Grand New Media Experiment: Kevin Smith’s Tusk

Remember that time a stoned podcast gave us a really interesting movie?

Tusk is a monster movie in all sorts of ways, cobbling together tones and plot elements and influences into a creature that demands attention even as it occasionally rips at the seams.

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Welcome to Night Vale Recap: Episode 17 “Valentine”

Didn't you know? Love is deadly.

I want you to imagine something. Imagine you’re a fan of a fairly new show called Night Vale. You really want to see Cecil and Carlos get together. You’re excited for the next episode because the last one ended with them agreeing to go on what might be a coffee date. The coming episode is called “Valentine”. Your hopes are high. And then, to your eternal anguish, Carlos is completely ignored in favor of a bloodbath.

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Things We Saw Today: Bruce Campbell, Demon Slayer, Anti-Hero, Weatherman

You know what? Not surprised about this video. Not one bit.

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Welcome to Welcome to Night Vale

Recaps are coming.

If you’re an internet geek but not into podcasts you might have wondered at some point, “What the hell is Night Vale and why is its fandom so weird?” Well, wonder no more! Welcome to Night Vale recaps are coming to The Mary Sue!

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Things We Saw Today: Here is a Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch, What a Time to Be Alive

That vacant stare tho

I hope if society falls apart tomorrow, this is the artifact future civilizations will judge us by. This and Johnlock fanart.

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Welcome to Night Vale‘s Got an Official YouTube Account; Time to Re-Listen to the Whole Show

No dogs allowed.

Welcome to Night Vale, the immensely popular podcast that's perhaps best described as what would happen if Twin Peaks and Prairie Home Companion had a baby, now has its own YouTube channel.

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Serial Subreddit Starts Scholarship Fund To Memorialize Hae Min Lee

For once, I salute you, Reddit.

The groundbreaking first season of the Serial podcast ends this week, and some intrepid Redditors are ensuring that Hae Min Lee's memory will live on even after excitement over the show inevitably fades away.

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Astronomy’s “Cinderella” Caroline Herschel on Stuff You Missed in History Class

Well not really on it. She's dead, but they talk about her.

On this week's episode of the great Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast hosts Tracey V. Wilson and Holly Frey highlight Caroline Herschel, often called the "Cinderella of Astronomy." Her brother William tends to get most of the credit -- like telescopes named after him -- but Caroline's contributions to astronomy were also noteworthy.

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There’s a Gaming Podcast Co-Hosted by a Four-Year-Old Girl and Her Father

Parenting done right.

Eliana and Dalibor Dimovski are the hosts of the new Kid in Play podcast. Another gaming podcast might not sound that great, but Eliana Dimovski is an adorable four-year-old who loves playing games with her dad. It is the greatest.

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Our Friend Bill Nye Makes It Weird With Pete Holmes on You Made It Weird

Stop trying to stir up beef with Nye and Beakman, Pete!

Bill Nye made an appearance on Pete Holmes' You Made it Weird podcast today, and it's a great interview if you have about two hours to fill. Holmes and Nye get into some territory we haven't heard Nye speak about before—like whether or not Beakman can go suck a dick*.

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The Geekosystem Podcast Episode 30 “Snakes and Dongs” Is Here

This episode is 100% like Batman—aside from all the dongs.

This week, Team Geekosystem set out to talk about the important issues of the Internet: snakes and dongs. We also talked about Showtime's new series, Penny Dreadful, and had a pretty rare circumstance where Glen, Victoria, and Sam (though not present) all agreed on something.

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Bring Us “The Head of Jamie Foxx” in Episode 28 of The Geekosystem Podcast

Something something Blue-Ray pun.

Right before recording this week, we saw the above image of the packaging for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blu-ray. Yes, it's a creepy looking bust of Jamie Foxx's head, and no, that isn't a thing anyone wants. We talk about that, Star Wars, reading, and more.

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It’s the Geekosystem Podcast Episode 27 “RoboJesus in Space!”

And on the third day, he rose... into space.

This week on the Geekosystem podcast, Victoria, Dan, and Carolyn take control since I couldn't be in the office today. Even without me, it's the usual weirdness as the gang talks about cat cafés, RoboJesus, powdered alcohol, and butts.

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Episode 25 of The Geekosystem Podcast “Chocolate Cookie Biscuit Physics” Is Ready for Your Ears!

Oh, we also talk about bee stings and scrotums, but it's mostly cookie talk.

The fundamental question of this week's podcast is "Does adding chocolate to something fundamentally change its orientation?" At least I thought it was. The rest of Team Geekosystem was just excited I brought cookies.

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Episode 24 of The Geekosystem Podcast “Expletive Not Deleted” Is Here!

Wherein we really earn our iTunes "Explicit" label.

On this week's podcast, we try to carry on without Victoria to talk about RiffTrax, Fateful Findings, and we swear a bunch to talk about why people don't swear on The Walking Dead and most other television. Of course, we also have your Editors' Picks for this week.

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