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Welcome to Night Vale Fan Creates Detailed Maps of the City, Unwisely Includes the Dog Park

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I’m pretty sure everyone who reads our site will have heard of Welcome to Night Vale already, but just in case my viewpoint’s been skewed by spending way too much time on Tumblr: It’s a fictional podcast set in the town of Night Vale, where all sorts of horror movie-esque happenings (a mysterious glow cloud appears over the city and starts raining animal corpses, a PTA meeting is invaded by dinosaurs, etc.) are narrated by Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Baldwin. It’s been around for over a year, but a few months back it suddenly got really popular on Tumblr for reasons no one really knows (maybe a Vague Yet Menacing Government Agency was involved?) and has subsequently climbed to the #1 spot on iTunes’ “Top Podcasts” lists.

It’s also really amazing. So I was thrilled to see fan Melissa Dalton‘s “large, comprehensive, and possibly entirely incorrect series of maps” of the fictional city. Hit the jump for detail shots, or you can see a larger version of the whole thing here.

(via: io9)

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