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Bill Nye Explains How His New Spacecraft Will Literally Sail the Solar System on Beams of Light

As opposed to our recurring dreams, where he sails on rainbows.

The Planetary Society's LightSail spacecraft are tiny satellites that need nothing but light from the sun to accelerate and sail through space. They'll get their first test flight in May of this year, so let Bill Nye explain how the amazing civilian-created spacecraft functions.

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Satellites That Literally Sail on Light Get Official Launch Dates

Where we're going, we don't need fuel.

The Planetary Society has some pretty ambitious plans for their civilian-funded cubesats: They want to use light to let them maneuver around in orbit—and to other planets—completely propulsion-free. That plan will be a reality soon, because the little satellites just got their one-way tickets to space aboard some SpaceX and Air Force rockets.

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Bill Nye’s Open Video Letter To President Obama Urges Him To Reconsider Planetary Science Budget

Well, we're convinced! Then again, we didn't need convincing.

Bad news for space nerds -- NASA's budget is getting cut again, and this time it's planetary scientists who are feeling the pressure. So much pressure, in fact, that the CEO of the Planetary Society nonprofit put out an open letter urging Obama to reconsider. Oh, also, the CEO of the Planetary Society is Bill Nye. You know, the Science Guy.

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