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SNL’s Best Sketch of the Week Was Stolen From Tig Notaro’s Even Better Short Film

Clown wars.

Tig Notaro has responded to Saturday Night Live's alleged plagiarism of her short film Clown Service, calling it "extremely disappointing."

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Shia LaBeouf Plagiarizes Graphic Novel, Gets Caught, Issues Plagiarized Apology

And Now For Something Completely Different

You know how a few years ago Joaquin Phoenix went off the rails and abandoned acting for a rap career? And then it turned out it was all an elaborate piece of performance art for a doc/mockumentary with Casey Affleck? That's what this Shia LaBeouf story reads like. Except I'm pretty sure LaBeouf legitimately plagiarized massively popular graphic novelist Daniel Clowes and Yahoo! Answers (Yahoo! Answers) and didn't think anyone would notice or have a problem with it.

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Naughty Dog Lives Up to Their Name: The Last of Us Plagiarizes Designer’s Subway Map

Hey, at least the game is charted. So there's that.

I recently received Naughty Dog's The Last of Us as a birthday gift, and have been dying to sink my teeth into it after hearing rave reviews across the board. But in the past week, after the game's retail release, some controversies have arisen regarding some of the game's content. We told you before about how actress Ellen Page accused the game of ripping off her likeness, but she's not the only one upset. Cameron Booth, a graphic designer, recently realized that a map he made was also used without permission.

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Welcome to the Internet: Gamewise Caught Straight Up Ripping Content From Giant Bomb

Plagiarism is something that's become a mainstay on the Internet. Why do your own work when you can just lift it from somewhere else? Nobody's going to find out. That is, until they do. Gamewise, called "the IMDb of video games" by Huffington Post, has been getting slammed over at the Giant Bomb forums. Why? Turns out that a rather suspicious number of Gamewise articles, images, and other tidbits appear to have been lifted straight from Giant Bomb. Oops.

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WordPress Takes Down Original Blog Posts After Bogus DMCA Claim by Content Thief

Today in DMCA Being A Great Idea That Is Working Really Well news, the journal-monitoring blog Retraction Watch had 10 of its posts taken down by it's service provider, WordPress, after being on the receiving end of a meritless DMCA claim from a site that stole their content -- and then had the massive stones to claim the copyright on it, demanding that WordPress remove the offending -- and oh yeah, original -- posts from Retraction Watch. Because the DMCA is working just the way it's meant to, is why.

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Scientists Aren’t Dumb; They’re Just Liars, Say Totally Reputable Scientists

Scientific papers being retracted after publication isn't some kind of new phenomenon. The age of press releases might have made such snafus a more widely-known event, but it's one of those things that happens from time to time. Common wisdom was that the majority of retractions were due to errors present in the work, but a new study has concluded that it's actually misconduct like fraud or plagiarism that causes most retractions. In other words, scientists aren't dumb; they're just liars.

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Harvard Plagiarism Scandal Discovered Partly Due to Typo

In what surely ranks highly on the list of Scandals Discovered Because of Grammatical Errors, Harvard's most recent academic witch hunt was kicked off in part because one professor noticed an unusual typo in the same place in two exams. The discovery, made by assistant professor Matthew Platt, initially placed 13 final exams under suspicion this past spring. When Harvard publicly announced the inquiry at the end of August, the number of undergraduates being investigated had increased to about 125.

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Comparison Pics From the Heroes Comic Plagiarism Lawsuit

Comic creator Jazan Wild claims that many elements from the fourth season of Heroes were plagiarized directly from him comic Carnival of Souls, and is suing for $60 million. Robot 6 summarizes the evidence presented by the plaintiff in the lawsuit between Wild and NBC.

"The settings and the storylines are virtually the same," the complaint states. "The main character in both stories leads a carnival of lost souls and outcasts. This dark character seeks to make his carnival more powerful by recruiting new members with special abilities. The appearance of some of the characters is also virtually identical to those in the plaintiff's books. [...] Even the dialogue is similar. Indeed, some of the scenes in Heroes appear as if plaintiff's books were used as storyboards by the defendants."

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Argentinian Politician’s Anti-Plagiarism Bill Plagarizes Wikipedia

Yo, dawg, we heard you like plagiarism. Well, this anti-plagiarism bill plagiarizes three paragraphs from the Wikipedia article on plagiarism, so you can... Eh, you know the rest. Argentinian statesman Gerónimo Vargas Aignasse suggested a change to article 172 of the of the Criminal Code, (Google Translate here), which would make plagiarism an offense punishable by jail time of three to eight years, and in his five paragraph summary description of the bill, copy-pasted three paragraphs from the Spanish language Wikipedia. In fact, only the first and last sentences are original. He even seems to have left in some of Wikipedia's hyperlinking punctuation by mistake.

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