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“Ron Swanson” Has a Lesson About Net Neutrality Dishonesty for Fan/FCC Chair Ajit Pai

FCC chairman Ajit Pai has been extremely disingenuous in his arguments for removing the "common carrier" classification from broadband internet providers. He's also a big fan of Parks and Rec's ultra libertarian Ron Swanson—who one might imagine to be a fan of deregulation—to the point of hanging the character's "Pyramid of Greatness" outside his office. He seems to have missed, however, Swanson's penchant for honesty.

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“How Dare You”: Adam Scott & Ben Schwartz React to Parks and Recreation Fan Theories

The Parks and Recreation stars went on The Late Late Show to debunk/support certain fan theories from Reddit.

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Parks and Recreation Predicted the Cubs’ World Series Win

I'm going to be rewatching this show even more closely.

The show had fast-forwarded to the year 2017, and when Andy and Tom go to visit Tom's longtime love interest Lucy in Chicago, she makes the comment that "everyone's in a really great mood now because of the Cubs winning the Series."

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Things We Saw Today: Ron Swanson’s Thoughts on the Presidential Election

This week is giving me all the Parks and Recreation nostalgia. ICYMI, earlier this week it was officially Treat Yo Self 2016 on October 13th, and now Ron Swanson himself is finally sounding off on the presidential election.

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Watch the Stranger Things/Parks and Rec Father/Son Reunion We’ve All Been Waiting For

Two days ago, Stranger Things and Parks and Rec fans got a special treat in the form of some pictures from a "father/son" reunion between the former's Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) and the latter's Jean-Ralphio Saperstein (Ben Schwartz). It turns out that those pictures were just a teaser for things to come, as the two shot a whole video together for a Late Late Show digital short.

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Stranger Things’ Steve Finally Meets His Son: Jean-Ralphio of Parks and Rec

Perfect Stranger Things.

Of all the unanswered questions we had at the end of Stranger Things' first season, perhaps the one that rang out loudest was, "Is Steve Harrington actually Jean-Ralphio Saperstein's dad?" ... OK, That may only be because Jean-Ralphio was scream-singing it in our ears, but we're happy to have our answer nonetheless.

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Ben Schwartz Totally Believes Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington Is Jean-Ralphio’s Father

THAT HAIR. Totally proves everything.

According to Ben Schwartz himself, who recorded a short confessional for The Late Late Show, Steve Harrington is totally Jean-Ralphio's father.

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Nick Offerman Tackles Hollywood Ageism and Clears Up Assumptions About Ron Swanson

Spoiler Alert: He's a feminist.

With an undying love for bacon and guns, Ron Swanson has become something of a folk hero for NRA enthusiasts but the rough, uncaring outdoors man persona only represents a fraction of the character.

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This Ben Schwartz Interview About “Voicing” BB-8’s Is Just an Excuse for BB-8/Parks and Rec Mashups

Right up front: Ben Schwartz technically didn't voice BB-8. When he appeared on Comedy Bang Bang and talked about his contributions to The Force Awakens, he mentioned that while J.J. Abrams had him (and Bill Hader) record lines to be chopped up and digitized, his reading still sounded way too human.

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Don’t Care About Star Wars? Amy Poehler “Never F***ing Did”

The cast of Sisters took turns on Late Night With Seth Meyers to try and persuade you to see Sisters instead of Star Wars. Were they successful?

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North Carolina Residents Rescue Their Town From Solar Panels Greedy for Their Sun Energy or Something

Where's Leslie Knope when you need her?

A North Carolina town council recently voted not to allow another solar panel farm to be erected on a piece of land. That's all well and good (maybe not really good, but totally their call), but then their residents' concerns on the issue pretty much came within one Star Wars filibuster of being a Parks and Rec episode.

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The Quiet, Progressive Nature of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Why aren't you watching yet?

Even if I didn’t love the show and all it’s characters, if I wasn’t invested in their relationships, I’d still be pleased with how inclusive the show is.

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Chris Pratt Asks Fans to Design His Cover Photo in Exchange for Dinner at Applebee’s, the Internet Does Not Disappoint

In a post on his Facebook page earlier today, sixteen-puppies-in-a-Seahawks jersey Chris Pratt asked for help in designing his cover image, and offered to buy dinner at Applebee's for the winning designer.

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Final Parks and Recreation Blooper Reel Looks at All 7 Seasons, Is Farty and Emotional

We miss you in the saddest fashion.

The Season 7 gag reel for Parks and Rec is now up on Youtube, and it's as beautiful as a chestnut-haired sunfish.

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Chris Pratt Is Andy Dwyer in Stunts 101 for Jurassic World and Also in Real Life With GQ Interview

Interview with the real Dwyer.

Just how much of Andy Dwyer was Chris Pratt on Parks and Recreation? 100%, judging by his GQ interview this video where he explains stunts for Jurassic World.

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Tatiana Maslany Did An AMA And You Should Prepare To Love Her Even More Than You Already Did

Unless you are a voting member of any major American awards ceremony, chances are you love Tatiana Maslany. What would Orphan Black be without her almost superhuman Acting Skills? Well, prepare yourself, because after the AMA she did last night on Reddit, you might love her just a little bit more.

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Things We Saw Today: The World’s Most Adorable Scarlet Witch

Collector Corps, assemble!

So cute! So badass!

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[UPDATED] Flailing-Arm Prayer Circle: A Parks and Rec Alum May Be Developing a New Muppet Show

Rumor? I barely know 'er! Waka! Waka!

Take this news with a chicken-sized grain of salt, but according to Production Weekly, The Muppets may be heading to the small screen soon with the help of a beloved comedy alum.

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On The Importance Of Leslie Knope, Friendship, and Feminism

And waffles. Don't forget waffles.

There are some things that I will defend with my life about Parks and Recreation: that Donna Meagle is an inspiration for all women; that the Leslie/Ann friendship is unsinkable and beautiful like a butterfly; that April Ludgate was the best thing that could have possibly happened to Andy Dwyer. Parks and Rec ended less than a week ago and I can safely say it was one of the best series finales in television history.

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Here’s 20-Year-Old Amy Poehler Hacking, Rapping and Being Super ’90s in a Previously Unreleased TV Pilot

She's a beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn baby.

Galentine's Day foreshadowing: she quotes Queen Latifah's "Ladies First."

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