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Thor’s Got A New House: Iceland Is Building the First Temples To Norse Gods They’ve Had In A Millennium


Thor, Odin, and Frigga would be very pleased by this: Iceland is building its first major temple to the Norse gods in, well, a very, very long time. Since Vikings was at its most relevant, basically.

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Travel Posters for Pop Culture Locations, by Dave Perillo

eye candy

We're no stranger to travel posters for fictional locations, but Dave Perillo's art sure is charming. Ventur in for more '80s nostalgia, and then a bunch of stuff that isn't even a travel poster but that's cute enough anyway.

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10 Fabulous Fictional Wintry Getaways for Your January Blahs

Power Grid

Winter blahs got you down? We've got some great destinations for the discerning geek vacationer! The Mary Sue and its affiliates will not be held responsible for any parties attempting to find, visit, recreate in, or, in the event of arrival, leave without loss of life, limb, or red blood cell count any of the following locations.

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Things We Saw Today: The Norse Crisis Flowchart

Things We Saw Today

Myths Retold puts this on a T-shirt. You're welcome. (Thanks, Chevat!)

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10 Bits of Norse Myth You Probably Won’t See in Thor

Power Grid

The problem with Norse mythology is that no one really knows that much about it. Most of what we do know was written down by Christian scholars hundreds of years after Wotan’s faith was a functioning religion, and so we’ve got a long time of hearsay and the biases of a bunch of monks standing between us and what actually went on back then. But that doesn’t mean those stories aren’t super entertaining, so here are ten aspects of Norse mythology that we’re not likely to see in Thor this weekend. And if we do… well, that’s going to super awesome to watch.

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