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Thor’s Got A New House: Iceland Is Building the First Temples To Norse Gods They’ve Had In A Millennium




Thor, Odin, and Frigga would be very pleased by this: Iceland is building its first major temple to the Norse gods in, well, a very, very long time. Since Vikings was at its most relevant, basically.

Asatruarfelagid, an organization that Rueters describes as an association that promotes “modern version of Norse paganism,” has been growing in popularity in Iceland in recent years, with its membership tripling and currently totaling around 2,400. In contrast with their more ancient counterparts, the modern version views the gods as much more metaphorical. As Asatruarfelagid’s Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson said:

I don’t believe anyone believes in a one-eyed man who is riding about on a horse with eight feet. We see the stories as poetic metaphors and a manifestation of the forces of nature and human psychology

As for the upcoming temple itself, that’s coming to Reykjavik and will be home to lots of weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies. And as for a certain tradition: “Iceland’s neo-pagans still celebrate the ancient sacrificial ritual of Blot with music, reading, eating and drinking, but nowadays leave out the slaughter of animals.” Some pigs and horses must be joining Thor & Co. in their thankfulness.

Someone please make Chris Hemsworth take a field trip to this place before his contract is up.

(via Reuters, images via Marvel Entertainment, Rebloggy)

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