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Miss America Contestants Had Better Takes on Politics Than Our Elected Officials

This weekend was the 2019 Miss America competition, and while the winner was Nia Franklin, Miss New York, she's not the only contestant that's been making headlines.

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Miss Massachusetts Contestant Drops Out After Pageant’s Host Mocks #MeToo Onstage

It wasn't a funny joke. It wasn't clever or edgy. It relied solely on "punching down," making survivors of sexual assault into the butt of a joke.

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“Miss America” Says They’re No Longer a Beauty Pageant, Eliminates the Swimsuit Segment

"We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance."

Contestants will now be able to wear "whatever they choose," and the competition wants to be "open, transparent, inclusive to women who may not have felt comfortable participating in our program before." Rather than heels, bikinis, and mandatory sequined gowns, the competition will focus on women's talents, achievements, and goals. They'll discuss advancing social-impact initiatives. "We're interested in makes you you," says Gretchen Carlson.

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Former Miss America Calls out Entire Board, Says They All Knew About Emails

Mallory Hagan, along with other former Miss America titleholders, has called for the board to resign due to the horrendously sexist emails that were leaked from the computer of Miss America CEO Sam Haskell and others. Haskell has stepped down, but as of now, the board still mostly remains. So Hagan and her fellow titleholders are calling for them to be removed as well.

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This Biohacking Broadcaster Is Documenting What It’s Like to Adapt to A Bionic Hand

Nicole Kelly, a former Miss America contestant who was born without a left forearm, is documenting the learning curve with her new "bionic hand" on YouTube.

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Win or Lose, Miss Texas Is My Miss America 2018 After Her Takedown of Trump’s Charlottesville Response

While being anti-racist should never be seen as heroic—because it's simple, human decency—there are times when we take it for granted that people will keep their views more "diplomatic." The Miss America pageant is generally seen as one of those times. This year, however, it seems that both the Miss America pageant, and Miss Texas, Margana Wood, know that today's political climate requires directness.

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Super Rad Miss America Chavez Heads to Image Comics, Gets a Name Change

The creators behind America Chavez (aka Miss America from Young Avengers, Vengeance, among others) have set out on their own away from Marvel, creating an uncannily similar character named America Vasquez.

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The View‘s Hosts Disrespect Nurses, Writers, Actors, and Women in One TV Moment

YOU know that nurses use stethoscopes...right?

So, The View recently debuted some new hosts, and it seems like the show is now...still as catty and asinine as it has been. And apparently, there are lots of things that new host, Michelle Collins, doesn't know. Check out the video above in which Collins gives us her thoughts about this year's Miss America pageant - specifically, the talent competition.

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Miss America Organization Finally Apologizes for Slut-Shaming Vanessa Williams

It only took over 30 years, but who's counting?

Back in 1983, Vanessa Williams - whom you know from all over film and television - was the first black woman to be crowned Miss America. However, she was pressured to give up her title and ultimately resigned her crown with six weeks left on her reign due to a nude photo "scandal" that was completely out of her control. The Miss America organization has finally apologized for that.

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