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Frank Cho & Milo Manara Prove They’ve Learned Nothing at “Art and Women” Panel

Stop it. Just ... stop. You're both powerful men and you're both pretty, okay?

For two people who seem to hate what happens when people get offended by their work, artists Milo Manara and Frank Cho sure do seem to be making a new career for themselves entirely built on that.

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Why Didn’t the Angoulême Grand Prix Nominate Women Until 12 Men Dropped Out?

The Angoulême Grand Prix offers a lifetime achievement award for comic book creators -- and this year, in their initial list of 30 nominations, not a single woman's name appeared. After the announcement of the nominees, European advocacy group BD Égalité called for a boycott of the Grand Prix 2016. Artist Florence Cestac, whose own illustrated commentary on the situation is pictured above, is the only female winner of this prize in the past 43 years of its existence; she won back in 2000.

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Noelle Stevenson Talked to Vanity Fair About Representation and the Lumberjanes Movie’s Male Writers

Gotta love female comic creators getting their due in fancy publications!

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Milo Manara Uses His Sexy Artist Powers For Good in His First Dark Horse Cover For Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out

Yes, that Milo Manara.

You may remember Milo Manara from such internet controversies as "Holy hell that's an inappropriate cover for Spider-Woman" and "oh dear, he doesn't understand why." You may also remember us discussing how we felt Manara's work was beautiful when displayed in better context. Well he's put his particular skills to work for Dark Horse for the first time with a cover for Alex de Campi's Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out and we've got your exclusive, NSFW reveal.

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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

C'mon now.

You may not be surprised to learn that we don't like Frank Cho's Spider-Gwen sketch cover - but you may be surprised as to why.

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The Mary Sue’s Worst Moments in Female Fandom in 2014

On the upside, we got to snark a lot. On the downside... everything.

We try to see the positive in all situations around here at TMS, but occasionally, some things happen in fandom that we just have to call out. 2014 had a series of moments in which it didn't feel super-awesome to be a female fan of things like comics, cosplay, and video games, so let's take a look at the whole horrible list.

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Things We Saw Today: Star Wars Landspeeder Kitty Bed

Meow the force be with you.

This bunny is named Benjamin Linus (yes, like that Ben Linus), and he is the best bunny cosplayer in the biz. He even has his own 2015 calendar. We're also partial to the Walter White cosplay. (via Fashionably Geek)

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Marvel’s Editor in Chief Says Missing Manara Variants Are Due to a “Scheduling Problem”

Yesterday we reported on the cancellation of two variant covers for Marvel by Milo Manara, the artist on the Spider-Woman #1 variant. Now a report by Comic Book Resources states it was merely a scheduling issue.

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Milo Manara’s Upcoming Marvel Comics Variant Covers Have Been Cancelled

"This is censorship!" yelled someone in the back row.

According to PREVIEWSworld, Marvel Comics have removed two Milo Manara variant covers from their upcoming titles. You may remember Manara from Spider-Butt-Gate...

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What If Dude Superheroes Got Sexy, Erotic Art Variant Covers?

They're for collectors, guys, obviously.

"That's what these covers are, you know? Limited edition variants aimed at collectors. We'd never make them the real cover for an issue of Wolverine, but some people are collectors and completists who special order anything with visible dude butt cheeks on them - so we have to give it to them." - someone at a comic book company in an amazing alternate universe that Comic Book Resources has invented.

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Captain Marvel‘s Kelly Sue DeConnick Talks About That Spider-Woman Cover

SparkNotes, askin' the hard questions.

You all know what we here at The Mary Sue think of Milo Manara's variant cover for November's Spider-Woman #1. But this weekend at Dragon Con, the folks at SparkNotes asked Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick what she thinks of the whole debacle—and her answer is as cool as Kelly Sue herself.

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Marvel’s EIC Apologizes For Any “Mixed Messaging” That Spider-Woman Butt Cover Might Have Caused

We can't imagine what those mixed messages might have been.

So, you might have heard that Marvel is releasing Spider-Women #1 in November. You may also have heard that the first issue will have a variant cover by Milo Manara which is, to say the absolute very least about it, precariously bootylicious. We (and many other people) were pretty upset about it - and Marvel is finally speaking out.

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Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman Cover Rendered in 3D Is a MONNSTERRRRR

NSFW for 3D rendered nudity and nightmare fuel

We already heard from three gymnasts who tested whether Milo Manara's Spider-Woman cover is anatomically possible, and now Redditor dinoignacio is getting involved with a 3D rendering that shows what wall-scaling, butt-popping Spidey would look like form the side. It's... not pretty. You've been warned. Full image (complete with 3D rendered butts 'n' boobs) is behind the jump.

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Is It Anatomically Possible to Do Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman Cover? Three Gymnasts Test The Theory.

I think you can guess.

Can you really scale a wall in that position?

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No Ifs, No Butts: Spider-Woman and the Comic Community’s Problem with Minority Readers

Do better, industry.

Sometimes it’s easy to see the potential of an iconic image from a first glance. War photography, Marilyn Monroe on a subway grate, Doge—that kind of stuff. Did I see that potential when I first saw Milo Manara’s variant Spider-Woman cover? No, I really just thought her butt looked weird.

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Spider-Woman Cover Artist Milo Manara & Writer Dennis Hopeless Respond To Online Discussion

Milo Manara, the Italian artist behind Marvel's Spider-Woman #1 variant cover, and writer of the upcoming series Dennis Hopeless have both commented on the recent controversy.

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An Artistic Critique of Milo Manara and Greg Land’s Controversial Spider-Woman Covers

Alternate title: "Milo Manara's DisHEARTening Spider-Woman Variant Cover Gets An Artistic ReBUTTal"

After seeing Milo Manara’s recent, erm, anatomically improbable Spider-Woman variant cover, plus the regular cover by Greg Land, artist Karine Charlebois was compelled to take her to blog Less Tits N’ Ass, More Kickin’ Ass to do a little corrective work. Here we have her art and commentary, republished with permission.

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Marvel, This Is When You Send An Artist Back To The Drawing Board

Were you looking forward to Spider-Woman #1?

How many days did we go without an incident like this?

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