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Is It Anatomically Possible to Do Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman Cover? Three Gymnasts Test The Theory.

I think you can guess.

After seeing the Spider-Woman butt cover that will live in infamy and reading the critiques (and defenses) of its anatomy that followed, Alice Dranger asked herself: Can you really scale a wall in that position? I mean, unless you’re actively working to push your butt skyward, which I’m going to guess Spider-Woman doesn’t ever do. Sure, characters aren’t always drawn in a strictly anatomically correct fashion, but that doesn’t mean artistic critique can’t be made when there’s some truly outrageous WTFery.

Fueled by the spirit of scientific inquiry, Dranger enlisted two women do to some faux wall-scaling at a gynmastics facility. What they found may surprise you! Or not. No, absolutely not.

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