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Sky Cams Catch Video of Incredibly Bright Meteor Exploding Over Phoenix, Arizona

There's already some fun stuff happening in the sky this week with Mars at its closest and brightest in a decade, easily visible at night—and brighter than any star—along with Jupiter and a dimmer Saturn. Space is apparently determined to give us a show, though, and a meteor exploding over Phoenix, Arizona was brighter than them all by far.

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Things We Saw Today: Wolverine’s Got an Adamantium Dysfunction Problem

For when your get up and go got up and went.

Poor Wolverine. He's getting on in his years, y'know?

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Aw Yeah Star Stuff: See the Stuff We’re All Made of with the Perseid Meteor Shower

Grab your blankets, hot tea, and smores stuff because the Perseid meteor shower is on its way.

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Meteor Streaks by East Coast, Americans Regret Lack of Dashboard Cams [Video]

Last night around 8:00 p.m. EDT a large meteor streaked across the sky here on the east coast. The object was spotted in states spanning from North Carolina to Maine and as far inland as Ohio. It didn't explode and cause massive amounts of damage like the Russian meteor back in February, but it did catch people off guard. It also made me wish we all had dashboard cameras like in Russian so we could have done a better job of capturing some video of it.

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Russian Meteor Aftermath: What We Know So Far

Stories are still coming in from the affected region, but we're keeping up as best we can with this quickly developing story, and we'll be updating all right here all day. To the burning question on most folks' minds, no, it doesn't appear the meteor that wreaked havoc in Russia earlier today had any connection to Asteroid DA14, which is due to make its closest pass of Earth later this afternoon. That's according to the European Space Agency. More details below as we get them.

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Meteor Strikes Russia Injuring Hundreds, See Footage Here [Video]

So, Russia sure had an exciting morning, as a meteor zipping towards Earth shattered in the air over the nation's Chelyabinsk region, injuring hundreds of people and shattering windows, blowing the doors off of buildings and collapsing roofs. Thanks to the magic of omnipresent phone and dashboard cameras, lots of folks captured the meteor's flight -- and it's explosion an estimated 18 and 32 miles above the Earth's surface, which devastated the area -- and you can watch some of the amazing videos below.

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Explosion in Colombia May Have Been Caused by a Meteorite

Colombian authorities are currently investigating a strange explosion which rattled the state of Santander yesterday, and which may have been caused by a meteorite crashing down to Earth. (Fortunately, no one was reported dead or injured.) The explosion was preceded by a fireball in the sky: One observer described it as being "a ball of fire like a big rainbow"; another said that it had a "light blue front and [the] back had left an orange flame and some smoke." The explosion was supposedly so powerful, it caused glass windows to shatter in nearby houses. News report below:

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