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The “Peeple” App, Referred To As “Yelp For People,” Sounds Like A Bad Dream

Or a rerun of a Community episode.

Imagine an app in which you can write reviews about people that you know, and they can't ever opt out of it. Sounds like that one Community episode about the MeowMeowBeenz app, right? Unfortunately, it's also a real app in development now called Peeple, made by Nicole McCullough and Julia Cordray.

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Episode 24 of The Geekosystem Podcast “Expletive Not Deleted” Is Here!

Wherein we really earn our iTunes "Explicit" label.

On this week's podcast, we try to carry on without Victoria to talk about RiffTrax, Fateful Findings, and we swear a bunch to talk about why people don't swear on The Walking Dead and most other television. Of course, we also have your Editors' Picks for this week.

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You Can Now Get Community’s MeowMeowBeenz for Your Phone in Real Life

I always knew Windows Phone would destroy society as we know it.

Reddit set out to make Community's society-collapsing ratings app, MeowMeowBeenz, a reality, and that dream is one step closer now that you can actually download the app for your phone. Right now, it's a proof-of-concept app that shows off the UI and function, but the ratings system support on the backend is coming just around the corner.

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[Updated] Reddit Is Making MeowMeowBeenz From Community a Real Thing, Prepare to Futurize Your Decor

Quick, someone get the mustard.

Are you Five material? You're going to find out, because a software engineer on Reddit wants to make Meowmeowbeenz, the people-rating app from last night's Community, a reality. What, you didn't know they'd already built an entire Meowmeowbeenz subreddit in the time since the episode aired? Get with it, Newbeenz.

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Community Report Season 5 Episode 8 “App Development and Condiments”

Look at the mustard on my face, but listen to my words!

After last week's passive aggressive comment, we finally got a Shirley-focused episode. Kind of. It was also another "Greendale goes completely insane over something and becomes a dystopian future" episode, which was a welcome turn after last week's excellent but low-key character driven episode.

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