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Episode 24 of The Geekosystem Podcast “Expletive Not Deleted” Is Here!

Wherein we really earn our iTunes "Explicit" label.


On this week’s podcast, we try to carry on without Victoria to talk about RiffTrax, Fateful Findings, and we swear a bunch to talk about why people don’t swear on The Walking Dead and most other television. Of course, we also have your Editors’ Picks for this week.

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Tonight (April 1st) is the premiere of Total Riff Off on National Geographic, and we’re pretty excited about it. Dan had the chance to talk to Tom Servo himself, Mr. Kevin Murphy, about the show and how it came to be.

Carolyn and Victoria went to see the Neil Breen masterpiece Fateful Findings over the weekend, and they lived to tell about it. Carolyn fills us in on all the old computers, weird dialogue, and full-frontal Breen that happened in the movie.

We also talk about the story I posted yesterday explaining why people don’t say “fuck” on television most of the time. To do that, of course, we swore a lot more than we typically do on the show, but iTunes labels us as “explicit” anyway, so we might as well run with it.

As for Editors’ Picks this week, Carolyn’s looking forward to The Raid 2:

This won’t be so much an editor’s pick as it will be me just gushing, because I seem incapable of sounding level-headed when I talk about how good The Raid is. But seriously, guys, watch it. I don’t know squat about martial arts but this movie is so inspiring and inventive I was mid-goosebump the entire time. Gareth Evans’ gorefest was released in March 2012, but I watched it for the first time recently in anticipation for the sequel’s release this Friday. Here’s the trailer for the franchises’ first installment. This movie is dope as shit.

Dan is really excited for the IRL version of MeowMeowBeenz, and a few other things as well:

Get MeowMeowBeenz. Rate everyone. Ruin society. A proof-of-concept MeowMeowBeenz app, the people-rating app from a recent episode of Community, is up for download for your Windows phone if you happen to have one of those. Its functionality isn’t complete… yet. You can still get it for free and play around with it, though.

There’s another version for Andriod phones, but that one doesn’t have any plans to eventually integrate online ratings like the Windows one. It’s just for rating things on your own phone and then showing your friends how many MeowMeowBeenz you gave them.

I also want you to watch Total Riff Off on National Geographic Channel tonight, because it’s the first time that Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy (one of the casts of MST3K) have been on TV together in about 15 years. They’re going to be mocking weird nature stuff, which is pretty much exactly what a lot of Geekosystem’s content is, so it’s probably perfect for you if you’re reading this.

As for me, I’ve been doing research for my upcoming Amazon Kindle Worlds G.I. Joe fanfiction by watching the old cartoon on Netflix, and it’s great.

It’s not always a good idea to try to go back to your childhood. A lot of what you loved growing up just doesn’t hold up, but the original G.I. Joe cartoon is surprisingly enjoyable even now. It’s not perfect, but in terms of storytelling it’s pretty impressive for a children’s show.

There are multi-episode story arcs that hold together, and you find yourself really wondering how Snake Eyes is going to get out of the cave before he’s killed by radiation.

It’s easy to see why this was so popular in the 80’s and why it continues to be a franchise today. Go Joe!

We planned on sampling McVite’s digestive biscuits and arguing about how to eat them, because of Victoria’s story about the revelation that their chocolate is actually on the bottom. The story lead to huge debate among team Geekosystem. We tracked down a package of them, but since Victoria wasn’t in the office, we decided to hold off for next week.

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