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[Updated] Reddit Is Making MeowMeowBeenz From Community a Real Thing, Prepare to Futurize Your Decor

Quick, someone get the mustard.

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UPDATE: The first proof-of-concept version is now available on Windows phone, and there’s a sort-of version available for Android.

Are you Five material? You’re going to find out, because a software engineer on Reddit wants to make MeowMeowBeenz, the people-rating app from last night’s Community, a reality. What, you didn’t know they’d already built an entire MeowMeowBeenz subreddit in the time since the episode aired? Get with it, Newbeenz.

The app that appeared on the show, in case you missed it, was a tool for arbitrarily rating other people on a scale of one to five “MeowMeowBeenz.” The episode did a pretty good job of mocking arbitrary Internet rating systems and touched on some pretty real social issues, all while being hilarious.

Of course, Reddit, the Internet’s nerve center for saying things and then voting them up or down, jumped on the idea, and a MeowMeowBeenz subreddit was born overnight. The header reads “Rate Everything,” but some users seem a bit confused, because that’s basically how just regular Reddit works.

That’s not enough for Reddit, though. No, they’ve got the geek power to make this happen, and a user by the name of pnewhook has already gotten the ball rolling.

Here’s what he said just 14 hours ago (only about two hours after the episode aired):

Just so nobody feels cheated, I’ll be very clear. This isn’t official or endorsed by the show in any way (they won’t even retweet it). But I do plan on building an app. I’m a full time software engineer so I’m capable of doing it, but if anyone would like to join, I’d love help.

Other users have already jumped on board to help, and today he posted a screenshot of his numbers from the app’s product launch page that he set up on LaunchRock. He’s already gotten 1,324 pre-registered users and almost 8,000 page views, so you might want to start looking for your mustard-faced savior. [UPDATE March 10] Pnewhook tells me he’s now up to 4454 preregistered MeowMeowBeenz users.

Although, he’s using the app’s name and assets directly from the show, so it’s likely he’ll eventually have to drop those things for legal reasons. For an app that hinges entirely on joke quality from the show, losing the original look, sounds, and name would be kind of a let down.

Don’t get too disappointed, though. Remember: a happy Three is a future Four.

(via The Daily Dot, image via Community)

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