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Marvel Will Remove Artwork, Discipline Artist for Controversial Political References in X-Men Gold #1

Hot on the heels of its "diversity doesn't sell" controversy, Marvel is dealing with another inclusiveness issue. Artist Ardian Syaf reportedly nested hard-line Indonesian Islamist messaging, referencing recent protests in Indonesia, in the first issue of X-Men Gold.

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Marvel VP Said Sales Slumped Because “People Didn’t Want Any More Diversity”

"They didn't want female characters out there."

In an interview at the Marvel Retailers Summit, Marvel's Senior VP of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel said, "What we heard was that people didn't want any more diversity. They didn't want female characters out there. That's what we heard, whether we believe that or not."

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Marvel’s Ironheart, Riri Williams, Gets a Fan Film From MIT for Pi Day

We could all use some inspiration right now, and this Riri Williams short from MIT really has us hyped up about the next generation of college students.

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Review: America #1 Promises Time-Traveling Adventure and Latinx Queerness Out the Ying-Yang

Up until now, we've had to be satisfied with glimpses of Marvel heroine America Chavez in team books like Young Avengers and A-Force. Now, in a book simply titled America, brought to us by the Latinx team of writer Gabby Rivera and artist Joe Quinones, Ms. America finally has her own solo book!

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Exclusive: The Mighty Captain Marvel Bursts Onto the Scene With Video Spotlight Series and Music From Glass Candy

Captain Marvel is, without question, the First Lady of Marvel Comics, and with a new film coming to bring her into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character is only going to loom larger in the years to come. Now, Marvel has given her a new solo title, as well as an awesome video series to give us more deets on one of our favorite heroines.

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Good News! Marvel Is Launching a New Luke Cage Comic Series

Prepare to get even more familiar with Marvels nearly indestructible hero, Luke Cage.

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Fiction Within Fiction: The Making of the X-Men Comic That Appears in the Logan Trailer

There's one particularly meta moment in the latest Logan trailer, and it's when Logan picks up an X-Men comic that apparently belongs to X-23. Turns out that comic book was made especially for the movie. Here's a peek inside the book!

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The Crew Is Coming Back to Marvel Thanks to Ta-Nehisi Coates, Giving Black Superheroes More Comics Real Estate

Because today's world needs heroes like Misty Knight.

The world of Black Panther just keeps getting bigger! First, we had Ta-Nehisi Coates' critically-acclaimed run on the Black Panther solo title. Then, he broadened the world to ensure the inclusion of female voices and has partnered with Roxanne Gay and Yona Harvey to create Black Panther: World of Wakanda. Now, he's ushering in the return of Marvel's The Crew, returning a team of black superheroes to the spotlight.

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A Rogue One Comic Is on the Way, & It Will Go Deeper Than the Movie

You've probably already seen Rogue One a million times by now (yeah, we know), you may even have read the prequel novel a few times itself, and you probably watched Star Wars Rebels for the Saw Gerrera's tie-in, but soon, those won't be your only options for reliving the movie! There's also a comic book adaptation on the way, written by Jody Houser and illustrated by Emilio Laiso.

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Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield Made Spideypool Happen at Golden Globes; Internet Reacts Appropriately

Ryan Reynolds made the Deadpool movie happen apparently by sheer force of will, so forgive us for hanging on his words about Deadpool getting a boyfriend as though the mere suggestion will cause it to become reality. Here he is, already attempting to once again bend the cosmos to his bidding by making out with one-time Spider-Man Andrew Garfield at the Golden Globes.

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Things We Saw Today: Queen Bey Will Be the First Woman to Headline Coachella in 10 Years

I don't know what to be more upset about: the fact that Coachella is less about the music these days and more about getting to say you "Went to Coachella," the fact that Beyoncé will be the first woman to headline Coachella in TEN YEARS when she performs at this year's festival, or the fact that Beyoncé has never played at Coachella as a solo act before. But you read that right: Queen Bey will be the first woman to headline the famed dusty bathroom desert music festival since 2007.

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2016 Representation Scorecard: How the Year’s Movies, TV, Games, Comics, and More Stacked Up

Yeah, we're keeping score.

In looking back on 2016, it's tempting to just write off the entire year as a loss. But, actually, this year brought us some very interesting pieces of media--and some compelling discussions about that media.

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Charles Soule Plans a Tribute to Carrie Fisher in Star Wars: Poe Dameron #14

Charles Soule is hard at work penning Marvel's Star Wars: Poe Dameron series, and in the #14 issue, there's going to be a funeral at which Poe and General Organa will be in attendance. In light of Carrie Fisher's recent passing, Soule has decided to include a tribute of some kind during that funeral scene.

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Kamala Khan Is the Superhero We Need—Now, More Than Ever

People are even now looking to remove immigrants from our homes, our families and our careers. But we are a country of immigrants, and it is not only past time that this fact was owned up to, but celebrated. We can start by elevating immigrant characters, their families and their stories in popular culture.

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In A Country Divided, Cloak and Dagger Appears to Heal the Rift in 2018

We started hearing about a TV adaptation of Marvel's Cloak and Dagger back in the spring. Then our 2016 Presidential election happened and it seems like now, more than ever, we could sure use the story of a black, male hero and a white female hero who love each other and join forces to fight injustice.

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Elektra Heads to Sin City in Ongoing Series Written by Netflix’s Luke Cage Scribe

Elektra is ditching Hell's Kitchen for greener pastures—Las Vegas. Elektra #1 finds her on the West Coast and trying to make sense of her new environment while hiding in plain sight.

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Exclusive Preview: Ms. Marvel #13 Encourages You to Get Out There and Vote


The time has come, not to lip sync for your life, but to get out there and vote.

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J. Scott Campbell Creates the Awesome Riri Williams Art We Wish He Would’ve Created in the First Place

A couple of weeks ago, I had some stuff to say about J. Scott Campbell's Invincible Iron Man Midtown Comics variant cover starring Riri Williams, which I discussed as potentially harmful. Today, it seems that Campbell has used the time since the cover was pulled to think about alternatives and has created what is, in my opinion, a superior piece of artwork.

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Thanks, Harassers! Sales of Marvel’s Mockingbird Jump Thanks to Anti-Feminist Trolls

TMS' Keisha Hatchett has already reported on the disappointing fact of Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain leaving Twitter thanks to the hostile comics environment created by anti-feminist trolls simply because she dared ask people to buy her book and show Marvel that they want comics featuring nuanced female heroes. Well, it looks like the trolls will have a lot more to be upset about. Mockingbird, Vol. 1 has now shot up to #1 on Amazon's Marvel Comics bestseller list.

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Things We Saw Today: Marvel Pulls Too-Mature Riri Williams Cover, Previews Interior Art That’s Way More Awesome

Yesterday, comics fans got into a bit of a tizzy (some of us got into a bigger tizzy than others) about a variant cover for the upcoming first issue of Invincible Iron Man featuring Riri Williams looking way too sexualized for a 15-year-old character. The cover was originally a store variant for Midtown Comics in NYC, and now Marvel and Midtown have decided to pull the cover.

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