Purple magic blasts from Agatha Harkness' hands in 'WandaVision.'

Can This Marvel Tarot Deck Show Me the Future of the MCU?

I'm feeling lucky.

With Loki season 2 coming this week and The Marvels releasing next month, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is once again open for business. However, many projects are open-ended or have shifted drastically on the release timeline. It leaves us with a lot of burning questions. What is happening with some of these characters in Phase 5? Will we ever know what is going on with Agatha and her ever-changing show title? And who will join the MCU in Deadpool 3?!

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Unfortunately, Marvel is as tight-lipped as ever about the future of our beloved characters. But, thankfully, Marvel is giving us a new tool where we may divine the information ourselves. Yes, Marvel has released a tarot deck full of characters from both the comic book and movie Marvel universes.

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The brand-new Marvel tarot deck comes with the standard deck and guidebook. Illustrator Lily McDonnell and author Syndee Barwick seamlessly mix superheroes with traditional tarot aspects. So many of the characters perfectly match up with the tarot Arcanas. “The Fool” card relates to both innocence and chaos, so Deadpool is the perfect fit. Many people see the “Death” card as something to be feared, yet the card is often something more positive, as in death and rebirth. In a great move, Jean Grey, aka the Phoenix, graces the “Death” card.

Tarot card deck and guidbook featuring Marvel heroes on the Major Arcana.

It looks like many fan-favorite characters appear in the deck, including one of the best comic book characters, Jeff the Land Shark. Maybe this means he’ll be in Deadpool 3 since Jeff and Deadpool hang out in the comics. The cards that don’t feature characters have important items instead, like the Mighty Thor’s helmet or Charles Xavier’s Cerebro.

I don’t know if the tarot deck will help me see the future of the MCU, but I can say that the Loki “Devil” card is telling me exactly what my next tattoo is going to look like.

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