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Mars Attacks!

Neuroscientist Plans to Do a Human Head Transplant Soon

Good news, everyone!

An Italian neuroscientist has a plan to make a human head transplant happen as soon as 2017, and he'll be announcing the project at a surgical conference in June.

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You Wanted Mars Attacks! Leggings To Be A Thing You Could Buy, Right? ‘Cuz Here They Are

Ack! Ack! Ack!

We're not quite sure what to make of these leggings, which are clearly inspired by the 1996 Tim Burton film Mars Attacks!  What we do know is that they're extremely advanced technologically, which suggests--very rightfully so--that they're peaceful. A quality pair of leggings, by definition, is not barbaric.

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For Every Good Guy, There’s A Bad Guy: Arch Nemeses Of Pop-Culture

Why Not Do It With Some Style?

If you live near Los Angeles, California you may want to make a trip to the Hero Complex Gallery. On display in their new "Arch Nemesis" show are images from various artists depicting great rivalries from pop-culture. Take a look at heroes, villains, and some individuals with more murky motivations from Star Wars, comics, Arrested Development, and more!

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High Art Meets Pop Culture With Geeky Versions of René Magritte’s The Son of Man

It Belongs in a Museum!

We previously ran ben6835's mashup of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and René Magritte's surrealist self-portrait "The Son of Man," which originally featured the artist's face covered by an apple. Except when it's TMNT Leonardo's face is covered by a slice of pizza, because when did the Turtles ever eat healthy? Well it turns out that ben6835 has done a whole series of these, featuring Alien's Xenomorph, Indiana Jones, Hellboy, and more. Check 'em out after the jump.

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April Fool’s Roundup: Mars Attacks! Play Is Not Real, Nor Is This Unicorn Recipe

A Lesson in Humility

Well, that's just super disappointing. Remember that story we brought you on Friday about Mars Attacks! coming to Broadway, and how maybe -- just maybe -- this might not be a bad thing? Guess what? It was a prank. An early April Fool's Day joke that we didn't find out was a joke until we had all (or just some) gotten our acky little hopes up. How do we know it was a joke? Because the companies that "announced" the musical on Friday, IDW and Topps, provided the graphic above themselves. Thanks, guys. An April Fool's Day joke that was not issued on April Fool's Day, but two days before it. That's not how that works. After the jump, a much better April Fool's Day joke that arrived on time and has unicorns in it.

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Mars Attacks! Will Be Made Into a Broadway Musical, Also, Did We Ask For This?

Thank You?

John Layman (Chew) has decided to bring Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! to Broadway. Because ... we don't know. Nope, no idea. When the movie came out in 1996, very few people actually liked it, so our guess is that Layman wants this to become the next cult musical hit. Well ... okay. Ack ack ack it is, then. Maybe I'll change my mind about this by the end of the post.

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