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Things We Saw Today: Share Your Existential Crisis With This Real-Life Rick & Morty Butter Bot

Havig an existential crisis, perhaps? Go ahead and share it with this real-life Rick & Morty butter bot.

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Man at Arms Built Arya’s Needle, Stabbed It Through Everything they Could Find

Woman at Arms.

Forge, impale. Forge, impale. Repeat.

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Man at Arms: Reforged Built a Lightsaber Katana

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

We all want to be able to wield a real lightsaber (right?), but the technology just isn't available yet. The next best thing would have to be a badass katana with a lightsaber handle. That's exactly what the guys behind Man at Arms: Reforged have built, and it's incredible. You can see the whole process in the video.

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Man at Arms: Reforged Combined All Four Ninja Turtle Weapons, Should Have No Trouble Defeating Shredder

If you can mutate turtles, it's only fair to mutate their weapons too.

Man at Arms: Reforged is known for making insane weapons from culture, but this is some next level business. They've combined all four of the Ninja Turtles' iconic weapons into one katasaichuckbo, and basically provided instructions for every step of the process. Probably don't try this at home.

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Man At Arms Makes (And Destroys Things With) Jake’s Sword From Adventure Time

You guys are so cute, I could just maul you to death.

Mathematical! Jake's sword in Aventure Time is adorably ineffectual - the hilt is longer than the blade! - but that's not going to stop master swordsmith Tony Swatton from tackling it. Watch as Swatton forges Jake's sword from scratch, then uses it in slow-motion to destroy stuff like watermelons (because Adventure Time doesn't always make sense).

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Man At Arms Makes (And Destroys Things With) Sephiroth’s Sword, Masamune

I have a present for you... it's a gigantic sword.

In Final Fantasy VII, they love their giant swords - and master swordsmith Tony Swatton loves making them! In Man At Arms, Swatton's already tackled Cloud's huge Buster sword, so - naturally - he had to complete the set with Sephiroth's Masamune. Seriously, though, Sephi and Cloud have to be compensating for something with these swords, right?

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Watch This Guy Make (And Destroy Things With) Finnick’s Trident From Catching Fire

Slow motion makes everything cooler. Even Finnick.

Finnick looks pretty tough in the new Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, using his District 4 talents to throw around a trident like it's the most dangerous weapon in Panem. Master swordsmith Tony Swatton decided to make his own version of Finnick's trident, and then see what kind of damage it could do.

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Man-Made Wolverine Claws Are Literally Freakin’ Metal [Video]

I'd be careful headbanging with those things on, though.

Man at Arms is a delightful web series about a blacksmith who makes weapons from famous science fiction and fantasy franchises at the Internet's behest. This week, propmaster Tony Swatton indulged our insatiable need for badass weaponry by creating a set of replica Wolverine claws out of steel. No, they aren't retractable, but they can slice completely through milk cartons and upright cucumbers with basically no effort. Man, that is awesome. And they use CGI on the movies? That's really disappointing.

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Real Master Blacksmith Forges He-Man’s Sword of Power [Video]

Oh, hell yes. Tony Swatton is a blacksmith by trade, and he's made weapons for scads of movies and TV shows. Swords for Game of Thrones, cutlasses for Pirates of the Caribbean, Batarangs for Batman, and so on. But now he's turned his craft-- and his YouTube series, Man At Arms -- to the ultimate weapon of the universe. Swatton has forged He-Man's Sword of Power.

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