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Man At Arms Makes (And Destroys Things With) Sephiroth’s Sword, Masamune

I have a present for you... it's a gigantic sword.


In Final Fantasy VII, they love their giant swords – and master swordsmith Tony Swatton loves making them! In Man At Arms, Swatton’s already tackled Cloud’s huge Buster sword, so – naturally – he had to complete the set with Sephiroth’s Masamune. Seriously, though, Sephi and Cloud have to be compensating for something with these swords, right?

Watch as Swatton forges Masamune from scratch, and then uses it in slow-motion to destroy stuff like watermelons and busts (as you do in Final Fantasy). If you love it, check out some of Swatton’s other videos for “Man At Arms” to see him make weapons like Cap’s sheildSokka’s meteor swordBatarangs, and Jamie Lannister’s sword!

(via Man at Arms)

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