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She’ll Be Back: Linda Hamilton Returning to the Terminator Franchise For Planned Trilogy

After the franchise flop-fest culminating in Terminator: Genisys, James Cameron is returning to the Terminator franchise to oversee an all-new trilogy of films that would give a proper ending to the Humanity vs. Skynet conflict. We've now learned that another very important piece of the Terminator puzzle is returning. Ladies and Gentlemen, Linda HamiltonA.K.A. the OG Sarah Connoris back!

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You Wanna Talk “Male Hollywood Doing the Same Old Thing” James Cameron? OK, Let’s Talk

You've already heard about Patty Jenkins' response to James Cameron's criticism of Wonder Woman, but I'd really like to delve. Because looking closely at some of the things Cameron actually said about Jenkins' film, his own films, and "strong independent women," one realizes that Cameron is looking so closely into the mirror that it's obscuring what he sees.

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Breaking: The Next Expendables Film Will Feature A Female Action Star Cast

Oh My Stars and Garters

Don't bother pinching yourself. You're awake. This is actually happening. With The Expendables 2 just hitting theaters this weekend, Variety is reporting another Expendables-type film will feature a cast made up of female action stars. Hit the jump for my reaction and oh yeah, all the details we know so far. 

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George R. R. Martin Is “Nervous” About the Beauty and the Beast Reboot

and let it be known

Before he wrote his now-famous book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin wrote several episodes of the TV series Beauty and the Beast, which starred Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. And now that the CW has announced a reboot of the series, Martin has weighed in on the new show, and is a little peeved that he wasn't consulted. And also, he is "not a fan of reboots," and the original cast and crew had been hoping to reunite for a movie. (Non-spoiler spoiler: That is not going to happen.)

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Things We Saw Today: A New Shot of Batgirl

Things We Saw Today

DC Comics is releasing free copies of a preview book for their New 52, including this great shot of Batgirl. (DC Women Kicking Ass)

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