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ABC’s The Mayor Might Be the Feel-Good Do-Something Political Show We Need

We're in the middle of Upfronts season, which means we're getting glimpses at all the shows networks have planned for the fall season, in what is unsurprisingly turning out to be their (by and large) white male glory. The ubiquity of the white male lead/possible woman/POC sidekick dynamic definitely makes the trailer for ABC's The Mayor stand out.

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Things We Saw Today: Celebrities Rally for Tribute to Pulse Orlando Shooting Victims

Ryan Murphy and some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities got together with the Human Rights Campaign to create a video tribute to the 49 victims of the Pulse Orlando shooting.

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Hulu’s New Sci-fi Anthology Dimension 404 Casts Lea Michele & Robert Buckley

Glee and Scream Queens' Lea Michele and iZombie's Robert Buckley are set to star in Hulu's upcoming 6-episode anthology series Dimension 404. 

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Things We Saw Today: A Very Rare Photo Of An Oceanic Shark Giving Birth


Dr. Simon Oliver and A. E. Bicskos Kaszo captured what's thought to be the first or one of the first photos of an oceanic shark giving birth.

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Glee and Community Have the Same Prop Department, It Seems

Glee and Community: You knew they were both excellent first-season comedies with one-word names, but did you know that they had very, very similar props and costumes on more than one occasion? The above side-by-side comparison, put together an anonymous eagle-eyed TV viewer and discovered in the glorious chaos that is 4chan's /tv/ board, puts that question to rest.

While I hesitate to say that the more popular Glee flat-out rips off Community, I will note that in the one comparison I could definitively source, Community did it first (and, arguably, funnier) by three months.

Further explanation of the side-by-sides below:

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