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Things We Saw Today: Viola Davis Dishes on Meryl Streep While Under the Pressure of ‘Hot Ones’

Viola Davis on the 10/13/2022 epsiode of Hot Ones. Image: First We Feast.

In the most recent episode of Hot Ones featuring Sean Evans, they brought on awarding-winning actress and powerhouse Viola Davis. (Who was there promoting her amazing film The Woman King.) Per usual, one of the most entertaining bits of this interview came near the end when the wings get hotter and the questions get more complex. Here Davis told a story where she felt somewhat thrown by her peer and coworker, Meryl Streep.

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She started the story by assuring Evans that Streep is a “very lovely woman by the way.” Then, she continued recounting a time Streep asked Davis to cover for her at an award show (that was confirmed Streep would win), and Davis felt ill-equipped when she got there. Not only was this Davis’ first award show, but Streep gave her no guidance on how to accept the award on her behalf. Davis compared the panic feeling to the wing she just ate which was the second to last.

The fact that Davis asked if anyone ever wanted to fight him over these wings leads me to believe that if this question were earlier in the episode, she might not have been so candid. Then again, Davis and Streep have been friends for over a decade, so I’m sure there are more fun and panicky stories between them.

I haven’t watched all of the Hot Ones episodes and seasons, but I have watched a lot of them. This is by far one of the best episodes. Not as far as entertainment on the panic of eating hot wings, but more so because Evans and Davis’ energy works so well. We already knew that Evans came up with great questions, but Davis’ responses were so thoughtful and full of humor. The Davis speeches that go most viral and media attention include her discussions on race, pay parity and opportunity (all of which are important!) However, it’s also great just to see her talk both deeply (and sometimes lightheartedly) about craft and vulnerability.

(featured image: First We Feast)

Here are some other bits of news out there:

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What did you see online this fine Thursday?

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