Things We Saw Today: A Very Rare Photo Of An Oceanic Shark Giving Birth

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Dr. Simon Oliver and A. E. Bicskos Kaszo captured what’s thought to be the first or one of the first photos of an oceanic shark giving birth. The image has been published in the journal Coral Reefs. As Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute senior scientist Dr. Simon Therrold told BBC:

I have never seen a comparable image for any other pelagic shark. It may well be, or at least the first time that the event has been photographed, but this is always difficult to say definitively.

(via io9) Maisie Williams talked about her personal experience with cyber-bullying in a behind-the-scenes video for her role in Cyberbully and now my heart is raging against the world/the Internet/etc. (via ABC News, Daily Mail)

  • Oprah will be marching in Selma, AL to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Selma director Ava DuVernay and star David Oyelowo will be joining her. What are you doing to celebrate Dr. King come Monday? (via Jezebel)
  • If you’re interested in the badass ladies redefining street art, look no further. From ELLE, a New York-based street artist: (via The Guardian)

I understand the deterrents — potential jail time, the humiliation of community service, destruction of property (or beautification, depending on your view), late nights, dark places, high climbs. All of this reminds me of that Always commercial, Like a Girl, where all of the girls and boys run exactly the same until about age 12, then take the meaning of running ‘like a girl’ to mean flailing hands and legs and skipping and not sincerely running hard and kicking ass.

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