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This Legend of Korra Figure Shows Korrasami on the Cutest Date in the Spirit World

"In the Korra & Asami in the Spirit World, we imagine the couple several days into their trip, taking in the wonders of the land, while a friendly leaf spirit joins them in looking on with awe."

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Three Years Ago, Korra and Asami Came Out and Went to the Spirit World

Three years ago, The Legend of Korra broke barriers by giving us the first canon bisexual Nicktoons characters. And they were both women of color. Good times. Good times.

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“Time to Make History:” Nickelodeon Features First Married Same-Sex Couple in The Loud House

In an episode that will air this Wednesday, Lincoln's friend Clyde McBride will come over for a sleepover accompanied by his two overprotective fathers who are adorably having a tough time watching their son grow up.

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What Legend of Korra Taught Me About Self-Worth

A year after the series finale of Legend of Korra aired, I can’t get Korra out of my mind. As of today, she remains the one fictional female character of color whose personal struggles have mirrored my own.

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Legend of Korra Creators Talk Cosplay, Art, and Comic Book Epilogues

Dark Horse Comics' The Legend of Korra series, penned by the TV show's co-creator Mike DiMartino, will delve into Korra and Asami's lives after the events of the show. Fellow co-creator Bryan Konietzko is also "super excited" for the upcoming volumes, now that that the canonical world of Korra will be continuing in the hands of one of its original creators.

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[UPDATED] Dark Horse Announces Legend of Korra Comic With Korrasami Focus

Brb, hypebending.

Take that, bigots!

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Things We Saw Today: Pixar’s Inside Out Explains How Memories Work

I like Goofball Island, too.

Listen to Amy Poehler explain how memories work and how they affect peoples' personalities in this clip from the Inside Out movie. Or, just listen to Amy Poehler. Because that's always worth it.

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Oh No There’s New Official Korra/Asami Art And It’s MAKING US FEEL THINGS

BRB, scheduling a turtle-duck date night.

And if you attend the the upcoming The Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender tribute exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California, you can see this breathtaking Bryan Konietzko original real and in person!

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Here’s A Legend Of Korra Alternate Ending To Fulfill Your Finale Dreams Further

Yes, good

Yesterday TMS contributor Katie Schenkel expressed a desire for more explicit representation in that Legend Of Korra finale. Well today we are called once again to give thanks to the power of gifs.

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