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The Worlds of Viral Video Explained for Everyone [Video]

What, exactly, is a viral video? That's what this PBS Off Book video attempts to tackle. Sprinkled throughout you'll find delicious nuggets of videos we all know and love as well as, perhaps, a few you've never seen. They speak with a number of people who are in the know, including but not limited to Jonah Peretti from BuzzFeed, Brad Kim from Know Your Meme, and Casey Neistat on the nature of viral video and the future of what's quickly becoming the goal for many content producers.

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Encyclopedia Dramatica Is No More: OhInternet Rises from the Ashes

From 2004 to 2011, Encyclopedia Dramatica was one of the few resources out there for people who wanted to learn about the strange culture of the Internet. The open wiki was always anarchic, and frequently racist, homophobic and otherwise offensive -- indeed, last year, the Australian Human Rights Commission threatened it with legal action over an article that "encourage[d] racial hatred against Aborigines." In more recent years, Know Your Meme, which was recently purchased by Cheezburger Networks at a low seven-figure valuation, picked up the slack in educating readers about Internet arcana, as did meme-savvier blogs. But Dramatica, for better or worse, remained the one outlet that covered many topics that more mainstream outlets feared to touch, and frequently exposed the dark underbelly of Internet happenings on which other sites tried to paint a cheerier facade. Last night, visitors to Dramatica's home page found themselves automatically redirected to a new site called OhInternet which appeared to have more in common with the new, slicker generation of Internet culture trackers than with the unvarnished, offensive Dramatica of old. Some fans of Dramatica wondered if this was an elaborate troll or an April Fool's joke; visiting Dramatica's old IP address,, gave a message that was interpreted by some to mean that Dramatica was only temporarily offline. But the redirect is permanent, Encyclopedia Dramatica founder and current OhInternet primary contributor Sherrod DeGrippo told me by email, and OhInternet is here to stay.

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Cheezburger Network Buys Know Your Meme for “Low Seven Figures”

Andrew Baron, operator of Rocketboom, confirmed on his blog that the popular internet culture encyclopedia Know Your Meme has been purchased by Ben Huh's Cheezburger Network for a "a super seven figure deal." The announcement on Baron's blog comes shortly after the news was broken by Tubefilter earlier this afternoon. The Cheezburger network, which includes such web staples as Fail Blog, Memebase, and The Daily What, recently raised over $30 million with plans for a large-scale expansion of the network's staff and the sites they operate. The acquisition of KYM is Huh's first public move since. In an interview with TechCrunch regarding his future plans after raising the $30 million, Huh said, “We’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can do.” Though specifics about the future of KYM are scant, Baron offered some details in his announcement. He says that the full staff of KYM, which consists of two full-time and two part-time writers, is moving over to work for Cheezburger Network post-acquisition. At least for now, KYM's mission will not change: Baron writes that he is "pleased to report that future plans for Know Your Meme will actually focus on maintaining and strengthening the journalistic integrity."

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Family Tech Support Guy: Or, 21 Reasons Why Technology Isn’t So Great Sometimes

Family Tech Support Guy seems to be fairly new; Know Your Meme states it was discovered only this month. It's a little niche, but extremely relatable to those who understand the torture of being birthed in a modern generation by parents who weren't.

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Waffles? Don’t You Mean Carrots? HAHAHAHA

If the above phrase is familiar to you, but you still don't have any idea what it means, come listen to a story that exemplifies the internet in all its splendor. Yesterday, reasoning that a large portion of Reddit was at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Keep Fear Alive, a user proposed that the online members of the community start a new and inexplicable meme to confuse those who were away from their computers.
Lets make up a pointless meme while the hardcore redditors are away... Like when someone says Waffles in their post, someone else can reply "Waffles? Don't you mean carrots? HAHAHAHA"
It has since become incredibly effective and incredibly ineffective. Ineffective, because, as pointed out in the original thread, many Redditors were, in fact, able to keep up on waffle/carrot related news via mobile devices or free wifi connections. Effective, because it looks like the meme is here to stay.

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Joseph Ducreux Meme Explained, in Video Form

You may know Joseph Ducreux as an innovative, eccentric French painter who defied the rules of portraiture of his time with unusually expressive self-portraits. If you're a denizen of Internet message boards, you more likely know him as the crazy old-timey guy whose picture appears next to highly formalized rap lyrics.

Examples: "I notice a steady increase in room temperature / I suggest removal of garments" ["It's Getting Hot in Here"]; "Trousers upon the floor, trousers upon the floor / thou hast the appearance of a jester with thy trousers upon the floor." ["Pants on the Ground."]

The ever-helpful Internet scholars behind Know Your Meme, who have previously turned their rapier-like pens to the examination of Mssr. Ducreux's work, have today fixt the penetrating, eaglelike gaze of their camera upon the Ducreux meme. You may find the fruit of their labors at once amusing and informative:

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