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Kanye West Claims His MAGA Hat Makes Him Feel Like Superman, Which is Ironic Since Trump is Basically Lex Luthor

I know we joke a lot about the impending apocalypse, but it's awfully hard to ignore the omnipresent signs of impending doom.

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Taylor Swift Breaks Political Silence But Is It Too Little Too Late?

She's not out of the woods yet.

"Please, please educate yourself on the candidates running in your state and vote based on who most closely represents your values. For a lot of us, we may never find a candidate or party with whom we agree 100% on every issue, but we have to vote anyway."

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Donald Glover Gives Us a Modern Horror Sketch With “A Kanye Place” on SNL

Donald Glover, preeminent poet-bard of our time, hosted one of Saturday Night Live's best episodes in years over the weekend. From sketches where Lando Calrissian ponders the lack of black people in space to doing double duty as musical guest Childish Gambino, Glover was a delight—and the show gifted us with an extremely timely short.

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#IfSlaveryWasAChoice Gives Black Community a Comedy Outlet to Deal With Kanye’s Ignorance

Comedy is often the best weapon marginalized communities have against the ills of the world. Being that one of the biggest ills the world is facing right now is Kanye West saying things he really shouldn't be saying, Black Twitter has come forward in truly hilarious fashion to put him in his place.

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Watching Kim Kardashian Defend Kanye West Is a Reminder to Use Our Feminist Rage for Actual Allies

Standing by your man is highly overrated, especially when they walk in step with policies that don't stand by you.

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We Need to Stop Blaming Kim Kardashian for Kanye’s Red Pill, Sunken Place Mentality

Now the same people who called him out for his "unpatriotic and race-baiting" comments about GWB are now on his Twitter welcoming him to the MAGA family.

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North West Doesn’t Need Protection from Her Mother Kim Kardashian’s Breasts

You know it's a Friday when you find yourself in the position to have to defend Kim Kardashian's parenting, but here we go. Everyone is freaking out Kim Kardashian's latest topless pic, mostly because it was taken by her four-year-old daughter, North West.

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Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” Is Still “Old Taylor”

Taylor Swift's new single "Look What You Made Me Do" from her new album Reputation is finally out, and is being met with polarized reactions.

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Things We Saw Today: Bill Nye Blooper Reel Will Brighten Up Your Evening

If you watched the Super Bowl yesterday, then you may have seen a commercial for Persil ProClean detergent starring Bill Nye. The fine folks behind the commercial released a behind-the-scenes blooper reel that's just all kinds of adorable.

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Things We Saw Today: Scott Gimple Believes a Walking Dead Movie Will Happen

Gimple revealed that he's feeling good about a Walking Dead movie: "That question comes up every now and again. I'm sure one way or another, one day, it'll happen. I think it would be cool."

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Wait, What: Kanye West Said He’d Have Voted for Trump if He Voted at All, and We Can’t Ignore That

Last night at a concert in San Jose, CA, Kanye West stopped in the middle of a song to launch into one of his epic rants where he said if he voted at all, he would've voted for Trump.

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Things We Saw Today: Worried Bulldog Warns Fictional Girl During Scary Crimson Peak Scene

Khaleesi is VERY concerned.

A four-year-old English bulldog named Khaleesi (which is one of the best names I've ever heard for a dog, hands down) is very concerned while watching 2015's Crimson Peak. Clearly, young Edith has to be warned that there's a scary ghost approaching! Personally, I'd prefer Khaleesi at my side during any scary movie.

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The Internet Whips Out Their Kanye Best to Give Kanye West Some Kanye Rest

Kim Kardashian-West posted an amazing photo of Kanye West asleep with North West, and the internet uses Photoshop to place him in some funny situations.

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Amber Rose Continues to Slay, Publishes TIME Op-Ed “How I Learned To Stop Caring What People Think”

Yesterday, after Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa's Twitter feud, Amber Rose fired off a clapback at West that echoed throughout all of space and time. If you listen really carefully, you can still hear it. But Rose's momentum hasn't stopped yet.

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Things We Saw Today: Will Smith’s Hits Played All At Once Is Actually Soothing

Stop what you're doing. You just need to sit here and listen for a bit. What we've got here is Will Smith's greatest hits all played at once.

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Kanye West Is Still Very Much Committed to Running for President in 2020

Sorry, just give me a moment. I need to pause and marvel at the fact that I can write that headline. Phew. Okay.

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Kanye West VMAs: Lambasts MTV, Announces 2020 Presidency Bid

I'm not saying he's got this all planned out. But I'm not not saying that, either.

Last night, Kanye West was awarded the MTV Video Vanguard Award, MTV's own version of the Lifetime Achievement Award. The moonman statuette was given to him by none other than Taylor Swift, who introduced him and stood next to Kim Kardashian as West gave his speech, which was quite stirring, to say the least.

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New Fantastic Four Trailer Features POWER and Powers

"You guys ready to have your minds blown?"

In case you haven't heard this song before, it's Kanye West's "POWER," and really, how perfect is that for this Fantastic Four trailer that shows off their... well, powers. Yeah.

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Anita Sarkeesian Got to Meet All The Rad People at Last Night’s TIME 100 Gala

What a TIME to be alive!

TIME's annual "100 Most Influential People" list was released last week, and last night many of the world's tastemakers converged on New York's Lincoln Center for a night of performances, speeches, and rubbing shoulders with other influential bad-asses.

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Would You Eat A Salami Made Of 40% Kanye West?

No disrespect to non-human salami.

Soon it may be literally possible to eat the rich. Although at first glance Bitelabs might seem like any internet startup, they're not just your typical group of Silicon Valley biotech gourmands. In their own words, Bitelabs wants to "mix celebrity and animal meats into curated salami blends."

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