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No Disrespect to Ben Affleck: The Best of Twitter’s Newest Kanye-Inspired Hashtag

To be fair, I think Ben's still reeling from the Batman reveal.


No doubt you’ve heard about Kanye West’s recent explosion of angry tweets, in which he called Jimmy Kimmel out for parodying his recent BBC1 radio interview. While doing so, he created a hashtag that will live on through the ages. Or however long hashtags are supposed to last. Whichever.

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Part of the rant involved this gem of a tweet:

God, what a thing of beauty that is. Just a perfect Twitter hashtag all around. And so many other people provided their tacit agreement by jumping in on the fun:

While we’re talking about Kanye’s rant, by the way, you should see the two memes he created to mock Kimmel further.

Just close your eyes and picture Kanye West angrily clicking buttons on Meme Generator in the middle of the night. It’s a wonderful thought, isn’t it? Just warms our cold, dead hearts right up.

(via Twitter, image via David Wolf)

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