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Things We Saw Today: TMS Joins PAX East Games Journalism Panel

Exciting times were had.

You can check out the PAX East "How I Got Into Games Journalism" panel above, which featured Ashley Barry, Tanya DePass, Jillian Gorry, and, yeah, me.

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Discovery Is Misleading Scientists To Be Interviewed for Shark Week Pseudoscience

Reminder: Real sharks are incredibly interesting.

Last year Discovery got on the Internet's bad side by presenting a fictional story about a fictional search for a fictional megalodon, but it turns out they like it there. They're continuing their shady pseudoscience practices and io9 is reporting that they're misleading scientists to get interviews for their fake Shark Week documentaries.

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Woman Gets Full-Back Twilight Tattoo

After a woman named Cathy Ward lost a huge amount of weight (14 dress sizes), she wanted to reward herself with something symbolizing what inspired her the most ... The Biggest Loser. No! Twilight, obviously. She was inspired by Twilight. Ummm ... congratulations?

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Robotic Sumo Wrestling: Smaller Than You Think [Video]

This footage was taken at the 2010 All Japan Robot Sumo Finals and pits small robots which are both remote controlled and programmed to fight an opponent (meaning that the humans are not entirely in control ...).

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My, How We’ve Changed in 10 Years!

In 10 years, we've become more wired, more prone to earthquakes and natural disasters, and more likely to pirate movies than buy tickets to see them. We've also all moved to the city after rendering more species endangered. (Thanks, no doubt, to the Angry Birds phenomenon.) See the full-size infographic at io9. (via io9)

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Kids Can Now Recycle Crayons

Crayons rock. Way more than colored pencils. But eventually, they're all worn down, and sometimes you sharpen them and they're just never the same, and you end up with all these crayon nubs that you've rendered impossible to hold. Until now, because now there's a thing that lets you melt them and create new crayons. It's supposed to be for kids to teach them recycling, but feel free to go ahead and borrow it.

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A Blue Sunset on the Red Planet [Video]

Despite being called the "Red Planet," new video from NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory shows that from the surface of Mars, the Sun takes on a blue color, ironically because of all the red dust in the atmosphere. "...[T]he red wavelengths are filtered out of the direct path of light from the sun, leaving light towards the bluish end of the color spectrum." And that gives a very serene way to say good-night. (via io9)

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Geekolinks: 10/17

NBC’s New Show The Event Gets Buzz at Comic-Con; Compared to Lost and 24

If you haven't heard by now, the next network television show we ought to be salivating over is NBC's upcoming series, The Event. Described by New York Magazine and io9 as evoking now-ended cult shows Lost and 24, The Event is a mystery-political-thriller-scifi-romance-hybrid that employs interconnected and non-linear narratives, and the occasional plot twist. So what is The Event about, exactly? Warning: Minor description of the pilot episode ahead.

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