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Things We Saw Today: Cute Wearable Tech That Tracks Everything – Including Your Reproductive Health

Bellabeat’s LEAF is a new wearable that tracks your breathing, stress, sleep, activity – as well as your periods, contraception intake, ovulation periods, and more. Thanks for remembering some of us ladies have particular reproductive health needs, Bellabeat! (via Laughing Squid) Matthew McConaughey says he’s been reading DC and Marvel scrips, but is just waiting […]

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One Day IBM Watson Might Be Able To Treat Your Cancer

I'll take "chemotherapy" for $400, Alex.

Today IBM announced a new program they're working on that will use Watson, their now infamous Jeopardy-playing supercomputer, to treat cancer patients by analyzing data from their genes. Yeah, let's see how you like it when robots start doing your jobs better than you, oncologists!

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IBM Scientist Once Taught Watson Supercomputer Urban Dictionary, Made the Best Mistake of His Life

Parrots and supercomputers are pretty similar despite one being a living organism and the other an artificial intelligence destined to subjugate the human race, especially when it comes to teaching them new things that they'll retain and repeat back verbatim. The Watson supercomputer, hailed at one point as perhaps the most sophisticated and intelligent piece of hardware known to man, more than proved this unlikely correlation when IBM scientist Eric Brown decided back in 2010 that what Watson needed more than anything was the kind of youthful street savvy that only the Urban Dictionary can deliver. If you've ever glanced through the pages of this compendium of modern slang, then you don't need to be a genius to figure out that Brown's good intentions didn't go over as well as he had expected.

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“Todai Robot” Artificial Intelligence Trying To Enter Tokyo University

As if getting into a good school, paying off your student loans, and learning proper hygiene procedures weren't enough troubles, college students are about to have another concern on their hands in the form of competition from robots. Japanese researchers at Fujitsu are working on an artificial intelligence program that is smart enough to get into the prestigious University of Tokyo. The hardest part, oddly enough, is getting the AI, affectionately known as Todai Robot, to pass the math portion of the entrance exam. While computers are generally very good at math, that's only half the battle here. The calculations come easily to Todai Robot, understanding the questions is another matter.

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Watson Comes Back with a Vengeance in Part II of Human-Robot Jeopardy! Challenge

Punny questions and determined human opponents may have ground IBM's Watson supercomputer to a tie in the first part of its televised Jeopardy! match, but part two saw it regenerating like an angry T-1000 and blowing its former Jeopardy! champ competitors out of the water. Whereas the score ended at $5000-$5000-$2000 after part one, Watson won the match with a final score of $35,734 to its opponents' $10,400 and $4,800. You can watch Watson's whole remarkable performance below. Still, there was one odd glitch on Final Jeopardy. You can see what happened at the 6:30 mark of the second video below:

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