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Orphan Black Co-Creator Graeme Manson Speculates About Who Would Win a Clone Brawl

It's the age-old question: Who would win in a fight? With BBC America's Orphan Black beginning its fifth and final season tonight at 10PM ET, it's an easy question to ask about our favorite Project Leda clones. Thankfully, co-creator Graeme Manson has some answers.

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Get Excited Clone Club! Orphan Black Co-Creator Graeme Manson Talks the Final Season

Orphan Black is coming to an end, and we are preemptively mourning one of the most creative, intelligent, and brilliant female-led sci-fi shows ever created. The final season starts next month, and in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-creator Graeme Manson had a lot to say about where the show, and these beloved characters, are headed.

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Orphan Black at PaleyFest: Cast and Creators Talk Character on the Red Carpet

The brilliant, feminist sci-fi cult favorite we all know and love, Orphan Black, returns to BBC America in June. To celebrate, the cast and creators of the show did their first-ever appearance at PaleyFest L.A. last night. I had the pleasure of chatting with them on the red carpet, and I wanted to dig into what the characters will be going through during their fifth and *sniff* final season.

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Orphan Black To Be Followed By New Weekly After-Show

The first episode is scheduled to bring on none other than Tatiana Maslany herself (a.k.a. the girl of a thousand faces--no, literally) and Kevin Hanchard (Art!), and will air at 11 p.m. right after the fourth season premiere of Orphan Black.

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Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany Doesn’t Need An Emmy (Even Though WE All Desperately Want Her To Have One)


We all know that Tatiana Maslany is a super-genius actress who clearly deserves ALL THE AWARDS, right? I mean, you can't be following her brilliant performance on Orphan Black and not know that. Well, despite this being an inarguable fact, it seems there's one person who could give two craps if Tatiana Maslany wins an Emmy this year or not. And that person is Tatiana Maslany.

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Orphan Black Stars And Writer Talk Dude Clones And Season Three

We are not worthy.

Clone Club, we still have ages to wait until new episodes of Orphan Black, but co-creator John Fawcett and stars Tatiana Maslany and Ari Millen were dropping some hints about the duderific third season at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour.

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Clone Club Get Hype!! It’s Your First Look At Orphan Black Season Three


Project Leda meets Project Castor in this brand new first look at Orphan Black season three from Entertainment Weekly! Co-creator Graeme Mason has some (but not too many, of course) deets on what we can expect from the coming season. Spoilers, of course!

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Learn More About That Wicked Dance Party From The Orphan Black Finale

Dancing with myself, oh, oh, oh, oh!

While I'm very sad Orphan Black won't be back for a while, their season finale was incredibly enjoyable to watch. Not only did it have all the Clone Drama we've come to expect, it also featured a really fun, yet highly technical, scene. This video shows how it was done, and below we have one of the creators, Graeme Manson, explaining a bit more.

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The Orphan Black Creators Talk About That Crazy Season 2 Finale

More like The Island of Doctor Mor-WHOA, am I right?

Last night's Orphan Black season two finale was as crazy as we all expected it would be - but there were some twists that hardly any of us saw coming. Show creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett had some things to say about the finale - so be warned, there are major spoilers after the cut.

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A New Trailer For Orphan Black Plus 5 Character Spotlight Videos

Graeme Manson and John Fawcett so help me god, if you hurt Cosima there will be hell to pay. Seriously though, I recently wrapped up a Season 1 rewatch and didn't think I could love these characters more than I already did. I was wrong. Hit the jump to see a few video features on Felix, Alison, Pro-Clone, and more. I can't wait for April 19!

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Orphan Black Creators Give Us Our First Image And Details From Season 2

And Fansplosions Abound

Orphan Black is set to premiere April 19, 2014 on BBC America and fans, myself included, have been anxiously waiting to see where the story will take us next. Hit the jump for what creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson have to say on that front plus check out our first picture from the new season featuring two Tatiana Maslanys

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Clones Are People Too: The Science and Science Fiction of BBC America’s Orphan Black


As BBC America's Orphan Black heads into its second season, many critics have focused on Tatiana Maslany’s supremely impressive feats of acting and the many compelling female characters as the draw of the series. If you haven’t watched the show, you’ve still likely heard that the lead actress plays no fewer than seven distinct characters, just in the first season. However, Orphan Black also stands out as a piece of science fiction, and it does so in a very relevant manner. The series is a distinctly modern science fiction story and focuses on two crucial themes: individuality and gene patenting. By posing serious questions about humanity, Orphan Black serves as an effective analogue for real life events, which elevates its science fiction status. Read on to find out how the show is reflecting our society, perceived stereotypes, and why they're way ahead of the sci-fi game.

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Season 2 Of BBC America’s Orphan Black Will Hit The Ground Running

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

We're still pretty bummed Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany was snubbed for an Emmy nomination but we're trying to move on - to Season 2, that is. 

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