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God Is Writing a New Book of the Bible About Justin Bieber on Twitter

That's one of the craziest sentences I've ever written.

Fan of The Tweet of God? We sure are, and today we've been loving His kind of bananas new book of the Bible about Justin Bieber, #TheBookOfBieb. It's an insane look at some of the crazy things Bieber's done in his storied descent into madness and obscurity. It's ongoing, but we've Storified the first chapter for you.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Interviewed God on Star Talk Radio

It's definitely God and not David Javerbaum. We're very very sure.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a man of science who doesn't turn to religion for answers to the questions of the Universe... usually. Sometimes though, he interviews God Himself as was the case in the latest episode of Star Talk Radio. Listen to the episode right here.

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God Left Hanging In Unreturned Celestial High Five

It's not as cool as Jesus on toast but we'll take it.

New technology is allowing NASA to take a second look at the remnants of an exploded star, revealing a mysterious hand in the debris.

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“God” Trolls Holy Land Experience Religious Theme Park Thanks to @TheTweetOfGod

I know God tweets, because you can't prove He doesn't.

Parody Twitter account (or maybe not—you can't prove God doesn't use Twitter) @TheTweetOfGod went to The Holy Land Experience and had a lot of fun tweeting about all of the Jesus-themed stuff He saw there. It turns out God has a really great sense of humor, so we've got the highlights of his little trip for you.

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